Wishnutama Biography: The Boss of Net TV who metamorphosed into a Minister

The public is certainly no stranger to Wishnutama’s biography. The founder of Net TV shocked the public when he was appointed by President Jokowi to be the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy in his cabinet. So, what does he actually look like?

Wishnutama’s Full Profile

The man whose full name is Wishnutama Kusubandio was born in Jayapura Papua on May 4, 1970. That means, he is currently 50 years old.

 Previously, Wisnu was known as an entrepreneur in the media sector, but in 2019 he was appointed as President Jokowi’s minister.

During his school days, Vishnu traveled to various countries. That’s what makes him a lover of media and the world of journalists. His educational history is as follows:

  • Tarakanita 5 Middle School Jakarta
  • Kooralbyn International School Australia
  • Singapore International School
  • Norwich University America
  • Mount Ida College America
  • Emerson College America

From his educational background coupled with various training, after graduating from college, Wishnu decided to enter the media field. Noted, he has been the editor-in-chief of various magazines and national TV.

Wishnutama’s Career Twists

Before becoming a minister as now, Wishnutama had worked with various national private TV stations. His career did not immediately jump high but started first from the bottom until finally, he could rise slowly.

Supervisor On-Air Promotion

After returning from the United States in 1994, Wishnutama decided to work at the Indosiar TV station as Supervisor On Air Promotion. In this job, he is in charge of advertising live broadcast programs on television.

In carrying out his work, Vishnu always tries to give the best wherever he is. It was proven by all the programs he advertised a massive success until finally getting a high rating.

Production Assistant

After one year as Supervisor On-Air Promotion, Indonesian Wishnu was given an even greater mandate as Production Assistant. Of course, the work will be tougher and involve a lot of responsibilities. However, he always lived it wholeheartedly.

Work as a Production Assistant is well done. All media production processes can be controlled so that technical problems rarely occur. This makes Indosiar very proud to have Wishnutama.

Executive Producer News and Production Division

From Production Assistant, Wishnutama’s career developed again until he was appointed as Executive Producer News and Production Division at Indosiar.

 Now his job is in charge of news events. Apart from that, he also takes care of all issues related to production.

The position as Executive Producer News and Production Division is not an easy thing according to Wishnu. He had to work hard day and night while in this position. However, his sweat will pay off handsomely when all his programs have high ratings.

Production Manager

After a tortuous career, Wishnutama was finally appointed as Production Manager by Indosiar in 1999. This meant that he had to initiate all programs and programs at the TV station as well as possible.

Meanwhile, during his time as Production Manager, Wishnutama was considered successful and has produced various well-known TV programs for viewers, such as:

  • Party
  • BCA
  • Witness
  • One Hour Together
  • Patrol
Wishnutama Biography: The Boss of Net TV who metamorphosed into a Minister

Works at Trans TV

For whatever reason, in 2001 Wishnutama decided to move to Chairul Tanjung’s Trans TV station. At that time, he was still the only Head of the Production Division. However, one year later his career rose, and was appointed as Director of Operations.

Wishnutama’s career with Trans TV continues to rise over time. He is also trusted to occupy various positions as follows:

  • Managing Director
  • President director
  • Initiator of well-known programs on TransTV such as Opera Van Java, Dunia Lain, Termehek-meek, Extravaganza, On The Spot, and Indonesia Looking for Talent

Creative Director Opening and Closing Ceremony Asian Games 2018

Recently, when the 2018 Asian Games grand sporting event was held in Indonesia, Wishnutama was appointed as creative director of the opening and closing ceremonies.

 This is really a big achievement because not everyone can easily have the opportunity to conceptualize a big event.

Thanks to his creative touch and brilliant ideas, Wishnutama managed to amazingly conceptualize the opening and closing events of the 2018 Asian Games. The public and the international world would definitely be amazed and proud of Indonesia at that time.

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Wishnutama Award

The last discussion regarding Wishnutama’s biography will review the awards he has won. As a great figure and achievement, the minister must have collected many awards from various fields of work.

Empowerment Figures 2018

Thanks to his persistence in collecting zakat and charity from national employees, in 2018 Wishnutama was awarded an empowerment figure by Rumah Zakat. The results of his hard work have indeed contributed greatly to the welfare of the people.

Not only being a pioneer of empowerment, but Vishnu also directly contributed to its distribution. The hope is that it is right on target and can really help the community.

Best SEO Swa Magazine Version

As an SEO from Net TV, Wishnu has also been awarded as the best. This was given to him on the grounds that he could lead a new company and his popularity had shot up to rival the previous TV station.

In addition, Net TV under the leadership of Wishnutama has also succeeded in broadcasting inspirational and educational programs. This is what makes him considered a pioneer of educational-themed TV programs in Indonesia.

The Most 500 Influential CEO in The World

As the leader of the company, the public cannot look at Wishnutama with one eye. Evidently, the world has recognized his performance by crowning him as the 500 most influential CEOs so far. Of course, this is no joke and must be earned with hard work.

With the award of 500 influential people in the world, it is only fitting that President Jokowi glances at Wishnu to have an office at the Palace. He is considered capable and can oversee Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy.

Best Digital Talent

In addition to being smart and firm in leading the company, it turns out that Wishnutama’s creative power to conceptualize an event is very large. He has handled many major events, one of which is the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Asian Games.

Because of his cold touch and creativity, it is only natural that he has ever received an award as Best Digital Talent. Its success is supported by various parties including:

  • Family
  • Company employees
  • The managers leading the Wishnutama sub-company
  • His previous experiences as an employee in various national television stations

Such is the full description of the biography of Wishnutama the minister and TV boss. Hopefully, by reading this, all of you can emulate his success stories and the various intricacies of his struggles. Don’t be discouraged and keep fighting in building a business empire.