What do you mean? Biography? Definition, characteristics, structure, and types

People usually Become an example for other good because of achievements, thoughts, work, and more many again. because Then, there were writings about figures that. To know things about biography s / what is meant biography?

Definition Biography

A biography is an article that contains an explanation of stories and various descriptions from someone. In short, could also be called _history other people’s lives normally have an impact by wide.

Definition according to etymology originated from The Greek word bios means _ _life and graphics means writing. So biography is a text containing the life of someone. The shape can be short or long as well as written by someone else.

Contents of biography is a story journey a life somebody almost in detail starting from birth, things important in his life made him famous good through his works, achievements, or his thoughts until his death.

What is just the Characteristic of a features Biography?

Biography’s characteristic features certain where Becomes a differentiator from others. This thing makes the writing can by direct is known content and purpose. Following information about characteristics specifically distinguishes: _

Own Standard Structure

A biography is a text containing a story life of the character who gives motivation, impact positive, and so on. Writing often in _shape raw that is use Indonesian with formal style.

This thing is one _character is tic differentiator Among biography with other posts as short story fiction. Besides that, written based on Thing real sourced from personal data and stories of related people with the character.

Contents of Writing

Contents from a biography are journey life start from since birth, childhood, moment school until graduation level last, life family, achievements and more many again . by short is gathering story based on story real.

This thing makes biography different from short stories or novels which are fiction or artificial. Posts about the journey of life somebody based on experiences, stories of related people, and also evidence of authentic others.

Writing Style

writing style from biography tendril gidorraw. However, everything also depends on the character raised written. It is a respected person, honorable, above all again hero nation souse method formal writing.

However, if written character _besides hero or honorable person however give impact positive or own creation certain could use style writing relax. Can with greeting more familiar for example you, us, us and so on.

Containing Motivation 

Besides containing wisdom and message, biographies also contain motivation for readers so they can imitate and apply their footsteps as raised characters _stories of his life. Could in the form of pearls from writers or figures alone.

The motivation for this aim is so that readers can copy attitudes, actions, works and so on that are positive from the appointed character. _ Not only that, too sometimes play a role as lighter for Keep going trying and not give up.

What do you mean? Biography? Definition, characteristics, structure, and types

Biography Writing Structure

Besides own features and also discuss biography is / what is meant biography? Not there is it’s wrong you also learn the structure of the text. Following is information about the arrangement were working as a framework:


Orientation is the first writing structure that contains the introduction and by clear figure main. It also works _as an introduction or opening to a type of writing biography. Then, will continue to arrangements next by smooth.

In other words, orientation is the introduction figure starting from the information base as an identity until explains parents, siblings, and so on. The orientation section should write clearly for readers to feel co here in reading the biography.

Events and Problems

Structure second from the biography is existence events and problems where everything Becomes beginning from a type of writing this. There must be events and problems that become motivation or points important so that deserve for Becomes a history essay live.

Contents of events and problems can just about condition hardest from figure then find a method for go out from Thing that. This thing makes the writing will own peculiarity alone and become the motivation for others.


At a stage, orientation is Closing from a series of writing processes on orientation and events as well as problem. Often in the form of view or opinion writer to figure or an outsider who was appointed story his life.

Existence reorientation this character optional that I scan can yes and no which one is appropriate with need. This thing because content only in the form of opinion writer where often cause risk writing no connect and so on.

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Know Types Biography

Biography owns several types and is divided into categories separately. That thing makes hape variety by objective from writer introduce figure main his writing. The following information about Thing:

Based on Discussion

Biography based on the discussion divided Becomes three types that are political, intellectual, and journalistic. Third different at the point of the focus so that makes writing direction only focus on one of _Things.

Political and intellectual use corner look by his name. Often have _objective certain as well as need research in the writing. Meanwhile, the journal is obtained from results from Interviews with good figures direct as well as related persons.

Based on Publisher

Biography based on the publisher divided Becomes two is themselves and subsidies. If publishers look after all Things start from writing to printing until distribution by independent. Aim forgot the attention public as buyers.

Meanwhile, subsidies are publishing the nature of the book commercial and have guarantor answer special for example sponsors. Not oriented to its popularity in the community so sometimes prices sell too high.

Based on Contents

Biography based on contents two types is containing journey life someone full eats and also about his career where believed could give motivation. Both of them You’re welcome to give an objective for telling greatness figure main.

In the journey, life is told in detail from birth until Dead with a focus on effective things. Whereas for career, of course just focus on things the from the beginning until reach point success and position moment this.

Based on the Author’s Side

View from the side author, a biography consists of two types there is autobiography and biography. The difference is seen in who writes history _ _life. This thing because who just can write story life somebody or her self alone.

An autobiography is a historical essay life where the author is self alone. Whereas biography is all Things related to other people’s lives that are written by the author (not by the owner of the store direct).

Knowing the definition from the biography clearly will give correct information _about the writing. Of course, will help when you are somebody with a professional who writes story people’s lives in r any way certain. With so answered already question biography is / what is meant biography?