Sundar Pichai Biography: Get to know Google CEO from India

If you often use search engines on the internet, you are certainly no stranger to Google. This company has a variety of quality leaders and there is no doubt about their abilities. Therefore, get to know the biography of Sundar Pichai as one of its CEOs.

Sundar Pichai Brief Profile

Sundar Pichai has the full name Pichai Sundararajan who was born on July 12, 1972, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is one of the CEOs of Google after joining in 2004 ago.

His father, Regunatha Pichai, was a foreman at an electricity company called GEC from England. While his mother, Lakshmi Pichai is a stenographer. He also has a brother named Srinivasan Pichai.

He is currently married to someone named Anjali Pichai who was a college friend of his at Stanford University. From this marriage, they have two children and continue to live in the Bay Area, San Francisco.

Sundar Pichai. Education

Since childhood, Sundar Pichai was interested in all things technology beginning at the age of 12 years when his father gave him a rotary phone. From this, it is known that he has extraordinary abilities, especially in terms of mathematics.

Attended the Jawahar Vidyalaya school and Vana Vani School in Chennai, India. Then he continued his studies at the Institute of Technology Kharagpur with a degree in Metallurgy. And took his master’s degree at Stanford University with an MSC and an MBA.

His MS degree came from his education at Stanford University on a scholarship. Meanwhile, earned an MBA at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Not only that but he was also named a Siebel and Palmer Scholar.

Getting Started Joining Google

Sundar Pichai started his career at Google in 2004 in the position of President of Product Management. Has the task of finding various ways that humans can interact with the internet. His works are Chrome, Toolbars, Gears, Packs, and Gadgets.

In 2012, it was promoted for its success in using Google Chrome as a competing browser with Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Sundar Pichai rose to the position of Senior Vice President of Google in charge of Google applications.

Two years later, he became head of product and handle the Android operating system which was previously held by Andy Rubin as the creator. In 2015 Google founder Larry Page announced that Sundar Pichai would be the CEO after him.

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Sundar Pichai’s work on Google

Sundar Pichai, who is now the CEO of Google, was previously a President of Product Management where he handled several applications such as Chrome, Gadgets, Toolbars, Packs, and Gears.

Initially, the emergence of the existence of the Chrome browser was rejected, but Sundar insisted that the existence of Mozilla and Internet Explorer could threaten Google’s position. He also managed to prove his opinion with the existence of his browsing site.

Since then, he has continued to produce various useful applications under the auspices of Google such as Gmail, Drive, Maps, and many more. Where its use is now one of the main ones, especially for smartphone users with the Android operating system.

Sundar Pichai Biography: Get to know Google CEO from India

Sundar Pichai’s Career on Google

His career at Google became one of the important points in Sundar Pichai’s biography where he was finally able to make his nation proud through it. The following is a brief review of the CEO’s journey from start to date:

Beginning to Join Google

Sundar Pichai joined Google in 2004 as President of Product Management. His job is to monitor and create various outputs that make it easier for humans to interact using the internet, especially for daily activities.

Some of the results of his work at that time were the use of the Chrome browser, Toolbar, Gadgets, Gears, and Pack. However, its success has not been fully approved by the then-current Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, for certain reasons.

Google Chrome Launch

The launch of Chrome as Google’s browser was initially opposed by the CEO, Eric Schmidt. This is because there is a difference of opinion that there is no need to launch a browser. After all, the company is still small compared to Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

However, Sundar remained in his position regarding having to have his browser because Microsoft could threaten Google’s position. The idea slowly began to be approved, especially when it showed fantastic results. This became the forerunner of the birth of Chrome.

Coronation as Senior Vice President

Thanks to his analytical skills, Sundar Pichai was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2012. This happened right after the launch of Google’s official browser, Chrome, which currently dominates the world of browsers.

His role as senior vice president gave him the task of direct supervision and accountability of Google’s applications. Some of them such as Gmail, Maps, Drive, and many more are already widely used.

Android Responsible

Android is a subsidiary of Google which is an operating system for smartphones. This is the work of Andy Rubin as one of the employees in the internet industry. He also became the founder and first CEO.

However, unfortunately, Andy Rubin is rumored to have an issue with moving to Microsoft so that his leadership shifts to Sundari Pichai. This transition occurred in 2013 which placed him as the main person in charge of Android after its inventor.

Coronation as CEO of Google

The innovations and advancements under Sundar Pichai’s leadership raised issues regarding his move and his ability to lead Google’s rival Microsoft. Larry Page as CEO at that time moved quickly to respond.

In 2015, Sundar Pichai accepted a new position as CEO which was directly appointed by its founder, Larry Page. This is because the founder is concerned about the potential transfer of one of Google’s valuable assets to its competitor, Microsoft.

Alphabet Inc formation

After becoming the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai still spawned various innovations for the advancement of one of the largest internet industries in the world. One of them is contributing to the establishment of Alphabets Inc as a subsidiary in 2015.

However, not long ago, Sundar Pichai was re-elected as CEO but this time at a subsidiary, Alphabets Inc. This follows the decline of Sergey Brin as president. So he also concurrently holds the same position in different places.

Knowing the biography of Sundar Pichai, who is still successful as the CEO of Google, provides a lot of motivation, especially for readers. The lesson that can be taken is that intelligence must be used to develop a life together.

There are many lessons and lessons from the life story of the Google CEO as motivation to continue working and growing. How, have you done your best for today? Are you ready to grow?