Raffi Ahmad Biography: Famous Artist All over Indonesia

Who doesn’t know about Raffi Ahmad? Known because his fame playing movies, soap operas, presenters even a singer he Becomes successful in the country.

Even his success Becomes an example for many people. So not amazed if many people are looking for a biography of Raffi Ahmad because of his stupidity.

Background Behind Raffi Ahmad

Known as a player in soap operas until the movie, Raffi has a very hard struggle in going through his success as now this. Not forget the family who always gives him endorsement full to achieve success. Let’s see the biography of Raffi Ahmad following.

Raffi Ahmad is of Pakistani descent

Raffi Ahmad once say about family tree his family, he was raised in a family Pakistani blooded _ from the grandfather. Father of famous artist this has 11 siblings and is the youngest child.

Raffi’s own father died when _ aged four twenty-six years moment he still aged six mercy year.

Not only that Of course, but even his grandfather is also general police original Bandung picture as well as descendants raden. not a rumor but all news says it.

Raffi Ahmad. Profile

Raffi Faridz Ahmad or normal known as Raffi Ahmad was born in Bandung, West Java, to be precise on February 17, 1987, is the eldest son of three brothers named _ Shahnaz Sadiqah Nisya Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad is the eldest son of the late Munawar Ahmad with Amy Qanita. She start plunge to into the world of entertainment in 2002 passed _ soap operas titled Show One Star, starring a number of famous artists other.

Starting from there Raffi improves his career.

Educational History Raffi Ahmad

Even though Raffi Ahmad is originally from Bandung, he spent his school days at mother the city of Jakarta.

In the biography, known that Raffi has seated school elementary school cadets Last Jakarta Service carry on to school medium first at SMPN 5 Jakarta. Consider just always moving around.

After he graduated from junior high school, Raffi Ahmad almost attended SMAN 5 Bandung will but finally he precisely entered SMAN 3 Jakarta. However, soon moved _ to SMAN 16 Jakarta.

Then continued to have seat studied at Paramadina University and the Open University.

History tier Raffi Ahmad. Career

Raffi started his career moment he was still occupied in middle school starts from following filming soap operas, movies, FTV or TV even screen width.

Not only that Of course, but Raffi Ahmad has also been try develop his talent to become a presenter, a star in advertisements, and a singer.

Even though at first Becomes cast supporter in soap operas first that is Show One Star, its name the more famous since he filming in Puberty Humming _ with board artist on Bunga Citra Lestari.

 From there, Raffi continues to appear in soap operas, FTV, and even screen width.

Raffi Ahmad Becomes A Singer

start from a musician MellyGoeslaw who held the casting for group vowel at the end In 2006 named BBB ( Not an Ordinary Star ), Raffi Ahmad started his talent Becomes singer.

Project this special player soap operas, Indonesian teenagers, to finally his name selected.

The first single namely Let’s Dance Together together with LaudyaChintya Bella, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck, and also Ayushita accepted well by the community.

Then the BBB started a film titled Not an Ordinary Star The Movie directed by Lasja Fauzia.

Raffi Ahmad Biography: Famous Artist All over Indonesia

Raffi Ahmad Becomes Presenter

Raffi Ahmad is known as one of the best-selling artists in presenting field thanks to the Dahsyat program on RCTI in 2009, but permanently active in the world of acting.

He also plays in FTV titles like Book Daily Baim even OKB sitcoms still lived until now.

Starting from advertisements, duet singles, and several films, Raffi Ahmad also tried his luck in the world of director then start working on a short film titled Barbie.

 The movie’s own duration of 10 minutes was given the Best Movie award in 2011.

Raffi Ahmad’s Wealth

Raffi Ahmad is included in the ranks of the richest artists in Indonesia, with owns a number of houses, apartments, and collections of cars luxurious that already prove truth Thing. Even in very shoot also Raffi can get enough pay _ high.

Especially moment this he busies managing his youtube channel ” Rans Entertainment ” with a number of subscribers who reached dozens of million followers.

 Is known that Raffi’s income can reach a billion rupiahs only in time a month course. Wow, outside normal isn’t it?

Marry with NagitaSlavina

Exactly on October 17th In 2014, Raffi Ahmad officially married a previous woman has weaved and loved him, NagitaSlavina. After a journey, her love ran aground many times, in the end, destiny brought it to Gigi ( name wife’s call ).

Weddings are also highlighted by many media because of the luxury. The party was held in three cities big such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. The process started from custom Java, marriage contracts, receptions, private parties, and download in-law.

Especially all the events broadcast by station television.

Got Many Awards and Achievements

The greatness of Raffi Ahmad is not stopped that’s all, he knew many got appreciation as well as achievement. Great isn’t it? Already not counted number, start from a win as actor best 2006, best movie, and various nominations.

Not enough, Raffi also won predicate as celebrity youngest richest the year 2012 from the tabloid star, the award becomes a presenter of music and variety shows favorite. Not yet bear predicate best vocals _ with BBB ( Not the Ordinary Star ), 2012 inspirational artist.

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Appropriate Thing made Example from Raffi Ahmad

As one of the richest artists and entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Raffi Ahmad’s journey to highlight society.

How no, his life is very full of struggles once. Starting from he Becomes a cameo in one soap opera until Becomes the most wanted player moment.

Journey full life _ twist and turn already he conquers past work hard During this. Once reported that first Raffi was paid only five hundred thousand just moment shooting now _ he direct can scoop many profits with easy. This is what is right made an example.

From desire high year _ to things new as try Becomes a singer, presenter and film actor lead to success big. Of course not there is the wrong try something not yet tried before, who know can become sustenance to front.

As that’s the description from Biography of Raffi Ahmad and hal what only appropriate _ made example life for a fellow for could reach success seems like.

Certain only, no easy reverse palm hand because all that need a work tough and abstinent to give up. So how with you? is already attempted as much as possible maybe?