Mark Zuckerberg Biography – Facebook Founder Success Story

Everyone knows Facebook, a social media-based application that is used in almost all corners of the world to connect with each other.

Therefore, see the success story of its founder through the following Mark Zuckerberg biography!

Mark Zuckerberg Family Background

Born with the full name Mark Elliot Zuckerberg as the second of four children of the couple Edward Zuckerberg and Karen Kempner. He grew up in New York, the United States in a well-to-do family.

His interest in computerization and programming has been evident since childhood. His father even facilitated by buying a computer when he was 8 years old.

Until when he was in junior high school, he was able to create a plug-in application for the Winamp MP3 player.

Mark is married to Priscilla Chan, a college friend, and partner in developing Facebook. From this marriage, he was blessed with 2 children, a pair named Maxima and August Chan Zuckerberg.

Getting to Know Mark Zuckerberg’s Education

Mark Zuckerberg received his secondary education at Phillips Exeter Academy. At this time he and a friend were able to create a plug-in application that was able to compile and create playlists of songs based on user preferences.

He also continued his education by studying at Harvard University specializing in computers and programming.

This is where Mark started to build Facebook until he finally dropped out of campus because he was more focused on his application development project.

While studying at Harvard, Mark got the idea to create an online student directory. This was motivated because the campus did not distribute student books containing photos and identities (called Facebook) as a means of introduction to new students.

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The History of Facebook

Because his idea was always rejected by the campus, he was looking for a way to make it happen. The first step begins by creating CourseMatch as a communication medium for the group of classmates.

Then it continued the act of sabotaging Harvard student data and uploaded it on a website usually called Facemash.

 His colleague’s photo was posted and affixed with a caption. This has succeeded in attracting the interest of visitors after 4 hours after uploading.

Building Social Media-Based Applications Named Facebook

Even though he received a warning from the campus, he did not give up and instead launched a website called Facebook.

The first launch was carried out in February 2004. This page is a form of improvement from Facemash.

The goal remains the same as Facemash. But he adds that Facebook can be used as a social tool to allow friends and family to communicate with each other more efficiently, even over large distances.

Even though Facebook includes many supporting applications, there are at least 20,000 of them. This makes its popularity increase.

Even among Harvard students, this application is more loved than MySpace as its predecessor.

Mark Zuckerberg Biography – Facebook Founder Success Story

Beginning of Facebook Development

The number of fans who use Facebook, makes Mark overwhelmed. He also hooked his colleagues to help develop the application. Until this social media was able to capture 30 campuses in a short time.

Facebook users are also increasing, not only students. Middle school students and company employees also want to be able to use it. So that a wider network is opened.

This then made Mark even busier. Until he ignored his lectures and dropped out. Then in 2006, Facebook opened a public network registration. Armed with only an email to register, this application is getting sharper.

Facebook Achievements in Early Development

Once opened to the public, Facebook is used in almost all corners of the world. Initially launched, this application is able to capture up to 6 million network groups of friends based on demographic analysis, work, school, collegial, and so on.

Even in a day, there are hundreds of millions of photos uploaded on Facebook pages. Due to high user traffic, this application has become the 6th most active website in the world. In addition, it is also the second largest social media.

Facebook Share Sale

Because it is open to the public, the number of Facebook users is very large. This is then used for business opportunities. It also cooperates with Accel Partners to finance application development.

Funds from these investors were used to change the domain so that it changed to in 2005. Facebook is also collaborating with PayPal to finance other developments.

The funds collected from these investors are then used to further expand the network of Facebook users to international reach.

This has succeeded in attracting many new members, even reaching 5.5 million by the end of 2005.

Abundant Investor Fund

Facebook is expanding the reach of collaboration. He then hooked up with Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners to launch the application to be mobile-based, making it more friendly to use via mobile anywhere.

Investors are increasingly arriving, from Microsoft to Li-Ka-Shing. Even some big internet companies offer to buy Facebook.

However, Mark did not respond to this and emphasized that he only opened investment cooperation.

Facebook controversy

In Mark Zuckerberg’s biography, the development of Facebook did not necessarily run smoothly. He was also sued by his colleagues at Harvard that his social media creation was a work of plagiarism from ConnectU.

However, Mark’s side can win the case. He emphasized that Facebook is purely his work. Not only that, ConnectU did not accept defeat and filed an appeal.

Other problems also come from countries such as Myanmar, Bhutan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

They assume that Facebook is promoting attacks against the government authorities of the country so that its use is blocked.

How Much Mark Zuckerberg Wealth?

Although it can be said that the profit generated by Facebook is very abundant, Mark Zuckerberg as the founder and largest shareholder of course gets a big income. But even so, he continued to live a simple life. Here’s the review:

Rich But Famous Simple

At that time, Mark was still living in a rented apartment where only a table and chairs were available. Even the mattress was just placed on the floor. Even when he comes to his office, he prefers to walk or bike.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the portraits of successful people who do not rely on the wealth of their parents to achieve success.

In fact, since 2009, he has been lined up to be the richest young man in the world and won the Young Global Leaders award.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Wealth

The founder of Facebook is even included in the ranks of the world’s 10 richest people according to Forbes magazine.

Until June 2020, his wealth was recorded at up to US$ 97.3 billion or equivalent to Rp. 1.4 trillion. This then made him the 3rd richest person in the world.

His Facebook was made even more interesting by acquiring the Instagram and Whatsapp applications.

He also developed a collaborative system in terms of digital marketing to its users through Facebook Ads.

What Conclusions Can Be Drawn?

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the few people who are able to achieve success from scratch. He was persistent and worked hard to develop a simple idea. It can even materialize and grow to the size it is today.

Based on Mark Zuckerberg’s biography, it can be concluded that success cannot be achieved instantly.

You have to work hard and focus to achieve it. Hopefully, you can soon achieve your own version of success.