Getting to know The King of Youtube Indonesia, This is Atta Halilintar’s Biography

For those of you who like to surf videos on Youtube, of course you know one of the Youtubers from Indonesia.

where his success made him the richest man in Southeast Asia. Therefore, know the biography of Atta Halilintar to get to know him more closely.

Brief Profile of Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar has the full name Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar. Born on November 20, 1994 in Dumai, Riau.

He is the first child of Halilintar Asmid and Lenggogeni Faruk. Has the nickname of a big family because there are 11 biological children.

Atta Halilintar’s father was born on October 13, 1968. His educational background is an electrical engineering graduate from UI.

While his mother was born in Pekanbaru on October 29, 1972, with education as a graduate of the University of Indonesia and Universiti Selangor Malaysia.

Atta Halilintar is the first child with 10 siblings, namely Sohwa, Sajidah, Tariq, Abqariyah, Saaih, Fatimah, Fateh, Muntazar, Saleha and Qahtan. They are all now famous for the success of their respective businesses.

Atta Halilintar Education

The Halilintar family is famous for implementing homeschooling methods for all their children. This is because there are so many children that Atta’s father and mother prefer to teach education in their own way.

Even so, Atta Halilintar had time to attend elementary school until finally switched to homeschooling. His parents also chose this education system because they often travel long distances so it is not possible to go to formal school.

However, even so, the results of his parents’ homeschooling have now succeeded in making him one of the most successful people, especially in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This is because since childhood he and all his younger siblings are accustomed to doing business and trying various businesses.

Atta Halilintar’s Early Career

Currently, Atta Halilintar is famous as the king of Youtubers from Indonesia where his income even reaches billions of Rupiah.

Not only that, but his younger siblings also managed to follow in his footsteps to become successful. And here’s a short story of his career:


As the eldest child, Atta’s life has not been smooth since childhood. While still in elementary school, he started his business selling sandwiches and toys at schools and terminals. This is one of the teachings of his parents.

Starting a business since childhood has always been used by his parents so that every child must have their own business even before they were in their teens. This has proven to make Atta more resilient and able to achieve success at a young age.

Starting a Small Business

At the age of 11, he already has his own credit counter which started by helping his father make sales. However, because he saw the potential of an entrepreneur in him, his parents also allowed him to try to sell with their own capital.

This business of selling pulses and numbers became the forerunner of success which is one of the stories in Atta Halilintar’s biography to date. After the success of his concert, he also tried something else, namely selling used vehicles.

Starting a Business Selling Used Vehicles

Along with the skyrocketing business of selling pulses and numbers, Atta Halilintar began to add to his coffers of success by trying his luck in a new business, even though it was unique and unthinkable for children his age.

Atta tried the business of selling used vehicles which have succeeded in bringing him success to this day in addition to being a Youtuber.

His courage to open a business that is not popular at his age actually makes him able to feel success more quickly.

Getting to know The King of Youtube Indonesia, This is Atta Halilintar's Biography

Starting a Career on Youtube

Being the king of Youtube is certainly one of the things that made Atta Halilintar known to many people, especially in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Based on Raditya Dika’s channel, he tries to create content that attracts the public’s interest.

Atta’s initial popularity on Youtube has been since he collaborated with Ria Ricis, who is an Indonesian influencer.

Their content raises a theme that is close to the lives of children and teenagers so that it is widely liked by the public.

Success in Being a Speaker

After the success of creating content on Youtube, Atta Halilintar filled several events as a guest star. The topic of discussion is often about family life and various efforts to achieve success as it is today.

However, previously, he and his family also often attended various talk shows that discussed how to educate their parents. This makes Atta get used to appearing in public and also the camera.

Have Your Own Event

Along with its success on Youtube, many TV station owners have looked at it to present it. In 2019, he also managed to have his own program on one of the private television stations that contained light entertainment talk shows.

However, the event did not last long due to many reasons. However, its existence on Youtube has skyrocketed to this day. Although, often there are many controversies that cause Atta to get ridiculed by netizens.

Entering the Film World

Apart from Youtube and television shows, Atta Halilintar has also penetrated the world of cinema. Some of the titles include 13: Haunted and Turn Right Barcelona. This gives him a wealth of experience in various fields.

This makes more and more commercial products interested in using Atta Halilintar as their brand ambassador. He is considered as one of the influential influencers because of his popularity in almost all media.

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Atta Halilintar’s Business List

Not only surviving in the world of entertainment, Atta apparently has various kinds of businesses that can be imitated.

This is one form of his entrepreneurial spirit in him, namely by having many other businesses. The following is information regarding this:

Culinary Business

In the culinary field, Atta has his own business, namely Future Cake and Medan Mulaka. Both are contemporary foods that are trending among artists as an additional income or activity other than in the world of entertainment.

This contemporary cake business was just started in 2018 and is still surviving. Innovating with various cake variants by looking at the development of market interest in one of these types of snacks.

Business in Clothing

In addition to culinary, Atta also started a business in the clothing sector by launching a brand called AHHA.

Contains a variety of fashion products that suit your everyday style and appearance. There are various kinds of hoodies, sweaters, hats, and others.

In collaboration with his younger sisters, Atta also launched a clothing business in the hijab sector, namely AHHA Hijab.

The product is a hijab with a casual style so that it is suitable for use by teenagers according to their target market.

Business in Book Printing and Production House

Atta’s other business is in the field of book printing called AHHA Publishing. There have been many articles published through his printer which are often in the form of motivational books. It started with his parents often publishing books about their family.

In addition to book printing, there is also a production house called AHHA Production which is engaged in a more professional world of entertainment. This business started from his success as a Youtuber.

Getting to know Atta Halilintar does make readers feel amazed because of the various achievements through his efforts. Although there were a lot of controversies, however, he was able to brush them off with other positive things.

Thus the writing about Atta Halilintar’s biography can be used as a reference and also a motivation to continue trying to develop his business. Many lessons from his life journey, one of which is not to be shy and tired of trying new things.