Get to know the Biography of Ferry Unardi, the Founder of Traveloka

Of course, almost everyone is now familiar with Traveloka. The online-based ticket sales company is already popular and its services have been widely used by the people of Indonesia.

This success is certainly inseparable from the role of the initiator, Ferry Mardi. Therefore, take a look at Ferry Unardi’s biography which is very inspiring.

Ferry Unardi Pribadi Personal Profile

Ferry Unardi was born in Padang, West Sumatra on January 16, 1988.

He is one of the young entrepreneurs in Indonesia who founded an online ticket sales company called Traveloka. His main debut building the business began when he was 23 years old, namely in 2012.

A ferry is a young man who is desperate and very brave. This was proven when he decided to study at Harvard University in the United States after graduating from high school. He left because he got a scholarship due to his intelligence.

In addition, Ferry has also had a business spirit since he was a teenager. When he was in his first semester at Harvard, he had already started to try his luck at buying and selling airplane tickets. The result of his persistence, in the end, bears sweet fruit with the birth of a large company as it is today.

Ferry Unardi’s Education Period

As a child who was born in the suburbs of Padang, West Sumatra, Ferry Unardi also lives a simple life like normal children. However, he had big dreams and managed to finish his education up to the master’s level at Harvard University.

During his education and college years, he took time off because he wanted to focus on building a business as a seller and airline ticket agent in the United States. But because he felt the need, he decided to continue school and work.

The story of the education of a Ferry Unardi is truly extraordinary. In addition to studying, he also still has time to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Mardi Fer Ferry Career

Don’t think that the success of a Ferry as it is today through the Traveloka company can be easily passed. Before that, he even had to fall back and forth working here and there as an employee. However, from there the Traveloka founder can gain a lot of experience.

Microsoft Software Engineer

Not long after graduating from Harvard in 2008, Ferry was immediately accepted as a Microsoft software engineer based in Seattle, United States. Recruitment of workers there is very strict and only accepts people who are intelligent and have high fighting power.

Here Ferry worked for 3 years and decided to leave and return to his homeland in 2011. Although it was relatively short, he gained many of the best experiences from Microsoft so that he could apply them to his business in Indonesia.

CEO and Founder of

Arriving in Indonesia, Ferry decided to build a Traveloka company in charge of selling airplane tickets. He has had a lot of experience in this business because he had pioneered it when he was studying in America.

online ticket sales will make it easier for the public. They don’t need to go back and forth to the airport or agents, but they can make booking transactions with just one click.

Get to know the Biography of Ferry Unardi, the Founder of Traveloka

Traveloka Ferry Unardi Business Development

The business of selling Unardi Ferry tickets under the auspices of the now very large Traveloka company was not initiated instantly. Since its inception, this has started from the type of small service trade and has not yet reached overseas.

The Beginning of Traveloka

At the beginning of its establishment, Traveloka only had about 8 employees. They are divided into several divisions, each of which has a different task, such as the operator, finance, marketing, operations, and the like.

At that time, Traveloka’s head office was also small and not reached by many people. However, Ferry remains optimistic that his business will one day grow rapidly. He also does marketing intensively so that Traveloka can be known by the wider community.

Traveloka Development Process

The process of developing the Traveloka company had to go through ups and downs for Ferry and his team. If they fail, then they will never give up. It is used as an injection of enthusiasm to be more solid and good at developing strategies.

To his persistence, Ferry can be trusted by many people and some investors are interested in investing under the auspices of his company.

Gradually, the number of employees increased and the operational office grew larger with the following steps:

  • Doing massive e-commerce on every official product that has been launched
  • All systems are done online to save expenses
  • Ferry continues to convince investors to want to invest in his company

Traveloka in the Present

Currently, Traveloka has grown rapidly to become a startup with a large turnover in Indonesia. The company is also seen as a pioneer in the birth of other startups in Indonesia that were initiated by young people. Of course, all of this was thanks to Ferry Unardi’s persistence.

The valuation value obtained by Traveloka currently reaches 26.2 trillion rupiahs. This company has reached the Unicorn level together with GoJek and also Tokopedia. His success in becoming the number one ticket agent is certainly the result of Ferry’s efforts.

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Ferry Unardi’s Achievements and Awards

The last discussion regarding Ferry Unardi’s biography is about the achievements and awards that the founder of Traveloka has received.

This number is quite large and prestigious so it can be used as inspiration and encouragement in achieving business success.

Forbes Magazine Young Entrepreneurs

Because of his success at a young age as the founder of Traveloka, Ferry was named by Asia Forbes magazine as a successful entrepreneur under the age of 30.

This is a matter of pride for him and the Indonesian people. Since then, startups in the motherland have grown rapidly.

This award can then lead Ferry to get foreign investors who invest their funds in Traveloka. This is certainly a big fortune so that later the pioneer company that provides online tickets can be known to foreign countries.

Indonesia Marketing Champion

After Success was awarded by Forbes Asia magazine, in 2015 Ferry also received a new achievement. He won the Indonesia Marketing Champion in the e-commerce field where the event was organized by Mark plus.

By getting this award, Ferry gets various benefits including:

  • The Traveloka company is growing rapidly and can open many branches in the city
  • The number of investors, both local and foreign, keep on coming
  • There are more and more ticket buyers on Traveloka
  • There are plans to add more ticket types to be sold by Traveloka

The achievements you have read about in Ferry Unardi’s biography above are truly extraordinary, aren’t they?

Hopefully, this can inspire all readers so that they can follow in the footsteps of the character to navigate success as a successful entrepreneur in this century.