Deddy Corbuzier Biography: Father of Youtube

Many public figures from the national entertainment world have inspirational life stories before achieving success.

One of them is Deddy Corbuzier. Started his career as a magician to become a presenter, following the biography of Deddy Corbuzier, the figure who earned the nickname ” father of youtube” Indonesia.

About Deddy Corbuzier

A former magician with this distinctive hairstyle, his full name is Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo. Then using the stage name Deddy Corbuzier until now. He was born on December 28, 1976, in Jakarta.

Daddy is three brothers from the couple Omar Sundjojo and Heniawaty. In 2005 he married Kalina Oktarani and had a son named Azkanio Nikola Corbuzier. However, the two decided to divorce in 2013.

Family’s background

Deddy Corbuzier comes from a family of Chinese descent who is relatively mediocre economically.

His father, Omar Sundjojo, migrated from Banyuwangi to Jakarta to work as an angkot driver. Meanwhile, his mother, Heniawaty, is a home tailor.


Having a simple family background makes Deddy Corbuzier have experienced a difficult life since childhood.

 Even though the economy is mediocre, when you buy a bowl of meatballs you have to share it with two other brothers.

Not being from affluent circles also made him receive bullying in elementary school. On the other hand, bullying also occurred because at that time he was physically obese.

In addition, Deddy also suffers from dyslexia so he has difficulty processing words and had time to not go upgrades in elementary school.

The disorder was only discovered when high school. This is what then made him choose to major in psychology.

Career path

Since childhood, around the age of 8, Deddy has been interested in magic. At that time he saw the action of an American magician, Mark Wilson who did a trick to turn a stick into a flower and was able to get a bird out of his hand.

Deddy Corbuzier’s Career Path

Starting his existence as a small magician until he received an International Merlin Award, here are the career paths for Deddy Corbuzier to achieve success:


After watching Mark Wilson’s performance, Deddy began to learn some simple tricks from senior magicians.

Thanks to his perseverance in learning new species at the age of 12 he got a contract at Dunia Fantasi Ancol and at the age of 18 International Hotel signed him for 7 years.

After that, Daddy had the opportunity to visit Israel. There he learned the types of Mental Magic and then dedicated himself as a Mentalist.

After returning to Indonesia his name became Deddy Corbuzier with a unique hairstyle. From there, the opportunity arose to appear on the TV show “Impresario 008” on RCTI.

The Impresario program was a success he brought with him a different style for 3 years. After that in 10 years, Deddy managed to offer magic art that seemed old to be more modern.

His popular appearance is the attraction of driving a car with his eyes closed and guessing the headlines of national newspapers.

In addition, Deddy Corbuzier has also been one of the judges for the Indonesian magic competition entitled “The Master”.

 The program has been running successfully for up to 5 sessions. Furthermore, he often participated in similar events, namely “Master Junior”, “The Magic King” and “Indeed Magic Is Magic”.

Retired to Become a Magician

In 2015 Deddy decided to retire from the world of magic which has made his name since 1999.

There are several reasons why he is considering completely quitting being a magician, one of which is because he wants to spend more time with his son, Azka.

In addition, around 2013 when his magic performance began to decrease, Deddy initiated the OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier Diet) diet.

 So, he also wants to focus more on programs that combine fasting techniques with physical exercise or Intermittent Fasting and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Deddy Corbuzier Biography: Father of Youtube


Even though he stopped being a magician, Deddy still has a career in the entertainment world as a presenter.

This Jakarta-born man has been in the role of host of the show titled “Black and White” since 2010 where he always slips magic tricks in one of his segments.

However, as Deddy retired as a magician, the Black and White program also emphasized his role as a presenter to conduct questions and answers with guest stars according to the theme.

His expertise in guiding the program brought the program success until it remained broadcast until 2019.


The rapid development of digital media has made Deddy Corbuzier explore his career as a YouTuber.

 Again he achieved success and even earned the nickname “father of youtube”. Until mid-2020 the channel has 12 million subscribers.

Deddy Corbuzier’s youtube channel offers podcast content that discusses current issues from the world of entertainment to politics. He is famous for his jargon of greeting “smart people” to his audience.

Deddy Corbuzier Business Listing

In addition to a career in the entertainment world, Deddy Corbuzier is also an entrepreneur. He has even opened more than one business field. Anything? here’s the full list:


Deddy Corbuzier has a property business, especially in the form of buying and selling residential properties.

Sometimes he also builds houses for resale purposes. This is a promising source of income.

Mobile Phone Shop

You can see Deddy Corbuzier’s gadget shop by visiting his Instagram account @fosfor_ig. Not only cellphones but there also provide cameras and supporting equipment.

Gym Place

Famous for having a muscular body, Deddy also opened a fitness center called OsBond: One Stop Body Need. The location is at One Belpark Mall, Jakarta. To build this gym, he even spent up to IDR 8 billion.

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Awards and Works

Starting his career in the entertainment world in 1999, Deddy Corbuzier has often been nominated for certain awards. even on several occasions, he managed to bring home awards. Anything?

  • Best Mentalist of the year 2010 international scale award from Merlin awards
  • Presenter of variety and entertainment talk shows from the Panasonic Gobel Awards 2017
  • The diamond creator award 2020 as a Youtuber for achieving 10 million subs

In addition, he also has several works such as:


Succeeding in achieving success, Deddy Corbuzier actively shares his experiences and knowledge in the form of books. He has even written more than one title, including:

  • Mantra (2005)
  • Book of Magic (2007)
  • Seven Dark Secrets Of Rubik’s Cube (2008)
  • OCD: Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet
  • Youtuber for Dummies (2018)
  • Millennial Power (2019)

Short film

In addition to books, Deddy Corbuzier also has work in the form of a short film entitled “Triangle The Darkness” which was released in 2016 on his YouTube channel.

 He was involved in almost all aspects of the making, namely actor, story writer, scriptwriter, executive producer, and director.

From its upload on the digital platform, the plot of this one action film was further developed to be made on the big screen with a hanging ending.

 If the audience is curious about the ending of Triangle The Dark Side, they can buy the novel version.

This is the biography of Deddy Corbuzier. Even though he comes from a simple family, he is still passionate about achieving his dream of becoming a magician until he is successful and has successfully penetrated other fields ranging from presenters to entrepreneurs. May be useful.