Biography Sandiaga Uno: Businessman and Politician

Sandiaga Uno is known as a businessman Indonesian youth and politician. Moment this take office as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency ( Kemenparekraf ).

 Own name complete Trader Salahudin Uno was born into a family harmonious namely Mein R. Uno and Razif Halik Uno. The place of his birth is Rumbai, Pekanbaru, Riau Province, on June 28, 1969.

Password’s father’s name is Razif Halik Uno was born on March 1, 1936, in Gorontalo. At first, the father worked as an employee at Caltex company, Riau Province. Then after work _end, he invites his family to move to Jakarta in the 70s.

It’s at the time still small, password spent time on the ground His birth. he is child number two. he played together with his friends, and feel warmth together family his beloved.

Uno’s Trade Education

School Education (SD) up to go through SMP 12 Wijaya City, Jakarta, he does with full good spirit and values. _ Next Password continued education at Catholic High School.

Sandiaga Uno is one of the intelligent and accomplished students. _ Password successfully passed with perfect (cum laude) moment done go through studies studied at Wichita State University, America.

After he graduated from the Wichita State campus, then Sandi worked at Summa Bank at the time that Soeryadjayaas was owner. Then already one year of work, it turns out very good performance.

Continue Working in Singapore

at the time got a scholarship password trying with good until graduation _again got a GPA of 4.00. The campus is George Washington University located in the United States of America.

Next, she worked in Singapore in 1993. At that time, Sandi decided to join one _company the country’s famous investment with the name Seapower Asia Investment Limited (role Becomes manager investment ).

After Doing his job the approximately already reach time two years long, then the password decides to move work to Canada to be precise in 1995’s. The new company owns the name NTI Resources Ltd and even he got a position high.

Has Password Ever Become Unemployment?

Of course in every life no as well as immediately experience success Keep going continuously, there must be ebb.

That’s how Sandi feels the moment the company and the place he works experience a crisis monetary until experiences bankruptcy. As a result, employees were layoffs including _him.

Password decision later return to his land born in Indonesia and tried to start life new. It was at the beginning of her return he had time to Become unemployed.

However _he decides to look for work, however many very obstacles so in the end no produce satisfactory results. _

Almost 25 applications to the company and them reject them. Learning from various experiences perfect on denial that then she changes his thoughts from Becomes an employee for Becomes businessman course.

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Try Establishing an Investment Company

Thinking Becomes a businessman now she lives with one _his friend named Edwin Soeryadjaya1998 with _set up a company investment namely PT Saratoga Invest ama as much as possible. Starting from here they start operating a business together.

Because of their strength and spirit from both of them, then they utilize every network with good so that connected to various companies and institutions domestically and abroad. With this business Sandiaga, Uno finally can experience success.

The business the move in the field of telecommunications, products forestry, and mining. The system is looking for capital from investors, then the funds are made into passwords for the acquisition of companies that experience problem finance, then she fixes it.

Biography Sandiaga Uno: Businessman and Politician

Sandiaga Uno is on the list of the richest people in Indonesia

After experiencing success outside normal, then something when Forbes magazine lists name Sandiaga Uno as one of the richest people in Indonesia. the time that prediction riches she can reach US$ 400 million. He got rating 29th in 2013.

On-time that too, the company he develop named Saratoga Capital is the largest and has many employees about 20 thousand workers.

 But in the middle of his 2015 _back off from his position as Managing Director of the business. He also entered the richest people category 63rd in Indonesia according to Globe Asia.

Then he did an adventure by taking office returned to Becomes National Economic Committee and also implement as treasurer of ICMI (Ikatan Indonesian Muslim Scholars).

Amount Riches Sandiaga Uno

Of course correct when To do a business, must attempt as strong as maybe so that successful. In the case of Sandiaga Uno, because _change thinking Becomes entrepreneur, then now he has the number of riches from results work hard until reaching Rp. 3.8 Trillion.

Information about his wealth originated from LHKPN (Report Treasure Riches State Administrators) around .on time that she decide to continue her mission to level political with Becomes candidate participant DKI Jakarta election.

Of course, the amount of money Password is very much, so magazine business overseas estimates _his wealth reach value of Rp. 7.2 trillion in 2017.

However, when entering the year 2018, total finance as much shrink until left not enough more than IDR 4.3 trillion courses.

Story Journey Shaping Happy Family

Undergo life of course will be more complete if there is a companion. As that’s the journey of the realized password before with a figure woman named Nur Asia. They then decide to go to a level more are you serious that Is married.

Journey story his love it turns out the password is done when he still has seat at School Intermediate First (junior high). Then connected romance with Nus Asia walking until going to lectures.

After that, they married. time indeed so long, until the results from her wedding he has to have three children _with name, Amyra Atheefa Uno, Solomon Saladdin Uno, and Anneesha Atheera Uno.

Career Political from Deputy Governor Until the Minister

Of course beginning Originally Password was a figure of people who thrive in the business world. In 2017 Password decided to try to plunge into the world of politics.

The password becomes deputy governor in pair with Anies Baswedan. At the time of that name, he has a lot of people talking about him.

In 2018 Sandi resigned himself from chair deputy governor for accompanying Prabowo Subian as a vice presidential candidate in the 2019 presidential election. However, the Prabowo-Sandi pair lost a vote in Jokowi – Makrufin2019 presidential election.

In 2020 Jokowi raised Sandiaga Uno becomes Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency ( Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy ) to replace Main Vishnu.

Thusearliera several explanations about the biography Sandiaga Uno. Thank you has read it, I hope the article gives many benefits to knowledge.