Biography of William Tanuwijaya: The Man Behind Tokopedia’s Success

For readers who are still unfamiliar with the biography of William Tanuwijaya who is an Indonesian businessman, then know and read the review in depth. That way, you too can follow in their footsteps of success.

Who is William Tanuwijaya?

Do you know the biography of William Tanuwijaya? For those who really like online shopping, it is definitely no stranger to this name. Yes, he is the founder of the largest online buying and selling site in Indonesia, Tokopedia.

William Tanuwijaya admitted that he did not come from a prominent family on the contrary.

With the blessing of his parents and his high enthusiasm in traveling by sea for four days and three nights in search of an experience out of North Sumatra.

After William Tanuwijaya graduated from Bina Nusantara University, he worked in an office engaged in computer software development. So, from there, he thought of the idea of having his own internet company.

Profile of William Tanuwijaya

William Tanuwijaya is the figure behind the success of the largest online shopping site in Indonesia, Tokopedia. He was born in Pematangsiantar, North Sumatra, precisely on November 11, 1981. You can see other profiles in the following review:

William Tanuwijaya’s Life Journey

When William Tanuwijaya was still in college he was just an internet cafe keeper. From here you must have thought that he was not descended from a prominent family, but the other way around. However, the good thing is that education is still number one.

After graduating from high school, he migrated to the capital to study at Bina Nusantara University or commonly called Bonus. His life journey was very twisty, especially in the midst of his father being sick forcing him to work while studying.

Life’s Journey of William Tanuwijaya Founded Tokopedia

After graduating from college, William Tanuwijaya worked in an office specializing in computer software development. He spent four years at PT May Net Indonesia then moved to PT Signet Pratama for nine months, and continued as a software developer.

Armed with his expertise in IT and Business Development Manager, he got the idea to build Tokopedia. After two years, his superiors finally gave him capital, in 2007 together with Leontinus Alpha Edison Tokopedia was constructed finally, officially in 2009.

The establishment of Tokopedia

In 2009, William Tanuwijaya has succeeded in getting investors, and right on February 6, 2009, he officially founded Tokopedia. And during the commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day, an online shopping site was launched to the public.

The development of Tokopedia is increasing from year to year. In fact, in 2014 it received a disbursement of as much as one hundred million dollars from Softbank Internet and also Sequoia Capital to make the site an international marketplace.

William Tanuwijaya’s Wealth

Tokopedia is growing, of course, and this has an influence on the economic life of William Tanuwijaya. Even thanks to this success he was dubbed one of the richest people in Indonesia.

The founder of Tokopedia has an estimated wealth of around USD 130 million or 1.8 trillion rupiahs and occupies the number 148 most affluent person ranks according to Globe Asia magazine. Even today, his success story is able to inspire many people to achieve their dreams.

Biography of William Tanuwijaya: The Man Behind Tokopedia's Success

What are some success tips that can be imitated from William Tanuwijaya?

Not a few people want a successful life and also have abundant wealth. One of the figures who can be used as role models in life is William Tanuwijaya, a founder of Tokopedia who is also known as the richest person in Indonesia.

Change Your Mindset (Growth Mindset)

Having a growth mindset is very important for the progress of your business. William Tanuwijaya said that if you want a business to be successful, change your way of thinking or growth mindset.

William Tanuwijaya proved it himself through his success in establishing an online shopping site, Tokopedia. Then you should imitate his mindset, and change your way of thinking if you want a more successful business venture.

Dream Big

Next, the business venture must have big dreams to be achieved, so it’s not just in the mindset. According to William Tanuwijaya, this will help someone if they experience a serious obstacle or challenge.

Why should you have big dreams? Isn’t it enough to hope that the business will run smoothly? Of course not, you can remember your biggest dreams when challenges or obstacles come your way, that way it will be easy to lift your spirits.

Be humble

The last tip is to be humble, William Tanuwijaya said that a person who has a business must have these qualities. You are required to continue to want to learn from anyone and anywhere.

With this, it will not be easily oppressed by the intense competition in the business world in today’s era. Pay attention like a teacher who passionately teaches his students.

Learn to Give Solutions and Never Give Up

Keep in mind, that for the sake of creating success in the business world, try to provide solutions to people who are in need. Try to think more creatively then make sure the results that have been thought out are beneficial as expected.

Don’t forget to never give up, a businessman is not allowed to have the word ” give up ” in his dictionary. Keep on surviving even though challenges and obstacles are in front of your eyes, that way you can learn to be more disciplined than before.

Start with a Simple Idea

It is necessary to have big dreams, but there is nothing wrong with starting from simple ideas as initial learning to start a business venture. From there, you will slowly be able to assemble more good strategies in the future.

On the other hand, you can also ask for the opinion of others, it can also be your relatives or neighbors. From their simple mind, an idea emerged that was able to break the cool strategy in the next business plan.

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Things that should be used as an example from William Tanuwijaya

William Tanuwijaya is not a person who comes from a prominent family, he is just an internet cafe keeper and not a graduate from abroad. From here, you can learn a little from his life full of twists and turns.

William Tanuwijaya never knows the word give up and continues to struggle to find experience in order to create his dream of building an online buying and selling site, Tokopedia. It’s okay to get up and down as long as you never stop trying. That is one of the keys to its success.

Just imagine, he had to work and also study when his father was sick, with the blessing of his parents and his burning enthusiasm he wandered far away. From here you can learn from William that never be afraid to act, as long as doing good will bear good fruit too.

That is a brief explanation of William Tanuwijaya’s Biography and what things should be used as examples from it. Hopefully, this article will be able to change your mind to be more critical in facing life’s challenges. Stay strong and don’t give up.