Biography of Warren Buffet: Profile of the Richest People in the World

Many do not know the Biography of Warren Buffet, even though he is one of the most influential people in the world.

 His actions as a businessman are unquestionable. Apart from being the most successful investor in the world, he is also a philanthropist from the United States.

Warren Buffet’s Brief Profile

Born on August 30, 1930, Warren lives in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

His family is already of French lineage, conglomerate blood flows in him. Warren Buffet is the second of 3 children and the only son flanked by sisters.

His father was an influential politician in the United States House of Representatives.

 In fact, Howard Buffett was elected consecutively to the United States House of Representatives. His own mother Leila was an obedient and kind housewife.

Warren Buffet’s Education Level

From his brothers, Warren already looks the most active and interested in the business world. Buffet started his education at Rose Hill Elementary School.

Then continued at Alice Deal Middle School and moved on to Woodrow Wilson High School where he graduated in 1947, and attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

Since childhood, Warren Buffet has loved math, even in his yearbook when he was in high school he wrote an explanation with the sentence ” like math, prospective stockbroker “.

Since childhood, Buffett has been interested in business by selling chewing gum and cola from door to door.

Initially, Warren wanted to develop a business and stop continuing his education, but at the insistence of his father, Buffett finally enrolled at Harvard University.

Unfortunately, he was not lucky until Warren finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management economics.

Early Life of Warren Buffet

At a young age, Warren was already in business selling chewing gum, offering weekly magazines, and coca-cola by knocking door to door a la sales.

 Even in 1945 when he was in the second grade of high school, he and his friends bought a used pinball machine and put it in a salon,

Then predictably, Warren managed to develop the used machine into 3 branches, until finally there were war veterans who were interested in buying it.

Since then Warren has become more and more interested in stockbrokers, even though he also visited his office directly to learn about the business.

Early Career of a Warren Buffet

At the age of 10, little Warren often came to the stockbroker’s office near his father’s office. In addition, Buffett also stopped by the New York Stock Exchange.

The age of 11 years is the beginning of his journey in the business world. At such a young age he bought 3 shares plus 3 more for his brother.

At the age of 15, when he was in junior high school, Warren invested in his father’s company until he was able to buy 16 hectares of agricultural land and then rent it out to farmers. The profits he gets can be used for tuition fees.

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Career Journey and Facts of a Warren Buffet

Even though he was rich from birth, Warren Buffet did not necessarily stand by and rely on the wealth of his parents.

Since childhood, he has learned to do business until he managed to turn the profits into shares that are more fun.

An Excellent Stock Broker

Many call Warren the most successful investor in the world. At a young age, Buffett managed to become an investor, entrepreneur, and largest shareholder in Berkshire Hathaway.

Until he managed to reach the position of the richest person number 3 according to Forbes magazine.By the end of 1950, Warren had opened seven partnerships that led him to become a famous billionaire.

In 1962 Buffet finally combined all the assets he had in a textile manufacturing company that was the forerunner of Berkshire Hathaway. After buying the stock, Warren turned it into an insurance company.

Biography of Warren Buffet: Profile of the Richest People in the World

A True Philanthropist

Although good at creating new business empires, Warren was living a life of simplicity.

He adheres to the principles of a generous philanthropist. His assets which reach billions of US dollars do not make him live in luxury

His house seems simple in Nebraska, not even 1% of his total wealth. In fact, every day Warren does not spend more money than the price of a McDonald’s breakfast package.

Known as the world’s most generous investor by donating more than $27 billion in recent years.

Becoming a Millionaire at a Young Age

Buffet Warren has built his business spirit since he was 11 years old.

It’s no wonder that in the early 1960s Warren had combined all of his partnerships into one until now the company was the highest investment value stock in mid-2018, with 303,100 per share.

Until finally he became a millionaire at the age of 32 years with a number of investments in several large international multi-scale companies.

Of course, this can be passive income for him, even though in other words he doesn’t need to work anymore in fact Warren is still actively investing in the stock market.

Owning Shares in Coca-cola

In late 1988 Warren decided to buy a stake in the beverage company Coca-Cola.

 Finally, Warren is entitled to 7% ownership after investing about 1 billion US dollars. For the next 28 years, he managed to gain up to 16 times the profits.

This shows that Buffet is not only limiting himself to growing his company, but also making long-term profits.

 This is Warren’s best investment in the history of his career in the business world.

Warren Married in 1952

Warren’s early marriage to Susie Thompson in 1952 gave birth to three children. Until the end of his wife’s life, they remained together even in a complicated relationship.

Half of their married life is not in the same house. But the two of them still get along and often vacation together.

Warren’s love life was very dramatic, even before he died Susie introduced his friend and eventually became Buffett’s wife after his death.

Relationships are complicated and only they know why they do it.

Close to Bill Gates

It turns out that Warren is friends with influential people in the other world, namely Bill Gates.

The two of them made a foundation together, not only close to investment and business matters but also in their personal lives.

Both of them are known as billionaires with noble hearts, willing to live a simple life and donate up to more than 50% of their profits for the lives of others, donations to several humanitarian foundations spread throughout the world.

Both of them have a high social spirit.

Ever Suffered from Cancer

No one knows everyone’s luck, Warren was once suffering from prostate cancer which made his health deteriorate and declines sharply.

Even so, with enthusiasm from the surrounding environment and himself, Buffett managed to fully recover from this disease.

That’s a little preview of the track record of the biography of Warren Buffet, the world’s billionaire who remains generous and lives a simple life.

It is an example for the younger generation to have a high work ethic but not lose their social spirit.