Biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Figure Charismatic Leader _

Who doesn’t get to know the most influential people in Russia this, yes Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? Surely you have not foreign again, aren’t you?

He is a president the pride of the curtain country iron even news mention he figures not replaceable. However, what just review interesting from the Biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin?

Who is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin?

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin or normally called Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. Lots of news mention that he is president of the eternal curtain country iron that. That thing proven with existence statement will lead until 84 years old.

News the already spread everywhere, some say _that without Vladimir Putin Russia, not do anything, he has also shown from result selection voice national will extend power until the year  2036. Wow, I hope successfully.

Vladimir Putin is also included as president of Russia two and four. Before he occupy the chair presidency had time to Become a Prime Minister of1999-2000 years ago Becomes president from the period 2000 to 2008, since he return to take office as PM.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s Profile

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who is president of Russia now Becomes the spotlight. Many people want to know about his family tree family until how his journey his life can become the most valued person now. Come on, come on watch the explanation biography following.

Biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin once sat on the bench studying in the field of Leningrad State University law. After graduating in 1975 he direct work in the office of Soviet Union intelligence and was stationed in Dresden East Germany.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born on October 7, 1952, be exact in St that still known by Leningrad’s name. He is a child single but actually owns two brothers. However, they are the first to die the moment born second because caught diphtheria.

Biography Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s family

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is child from Vladimir Spirid on ovich with Maria Ivanovna Putina . Her mother before is a laborer factory whereas his father works as a script in the Soviet Navy at the beginning of the 1930s.

The moment still small, Putin stays together with his family in an apartment communal Soviet Union style. At that time, things sort of that really normal course. He is also a very love-themed novels agent confidential Until asking method joining service intelligence.

Early Career Politics of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

When Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin survived chaos in the transitional period of the Soviet Union, to be exactly 1991 he withdraw himself from the KGB and choose to go home to his hometown of Leningrad (St Petersburg).

There Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin worked for guardian city first time _he that chosen by the democratic as well as the teacher during college, his name is Anatoly Sobchak. During that, Putin always is behind _the screen but he knew capable of complete problems and can be reliable.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Ever Become Prime Minister Until President

In 1999 month _August Yeltsin chooses Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for Becomes a prime minister of Russia including _to position highest among the two Red Bear Lands. With a position that could make it easy, he chose to become president in March 2000.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin elected to return for a term of office second than in 2008. Because already twice to be president, he should holiday more formerly from its management. However, in 2012 he won the return election president.

The greatness of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Had time circulating news a number of last week _that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will take office as president until the next year 2036. there is also news that says Putin has arranged a plan.

The plan he wants to build a military navy _in Russia as well as make weapons. He has effort to write repeat history and time say that want the Baltic country to return to join Russia and became the Soviet Union.

Biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin: Figure Charismatic Leader _

Appropriate Thing made Example from Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

As a president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a very deserved thumbs up thumb. All struggles as well as her courage as getting protests from the country because want annexation but permanent lives of course should make an example in her life private.

Someone like _this needs made, for example, no looking at the age he permanent Becomes number one as a country role model. You should too so, dare in planning and do something.

No wonder Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a lot is known as a world hero because of course the struggle in Becomes a president or leader he really firm. Especially he including ex-KGB members, and intelligence service Russia.

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Some of the Great Services Performed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

As one _of the most influential figure in Russia, he can make an example live. I mean, can imitate struggle, work loudness, or her courage in defending the country. Following there are services great already _done he:

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Unpack Case Finance moment Become Deputy PM

Moment Russia experience economy bad because there is mix hand from the other party even Keep going in progressuntil1998. At that time government stated that not capable pay debts broadly.

Condition Russia new find point light in 1999, when Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was appointed became the first deputy PM (Prime Minister). At the moment that’s him too direct take action with investigating the case of Russian state finances.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Overcome Economic Crisis

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has to take officeaspresidentsince2000 to _now this. He has trusted can hold control of Russian state conditions, under leadership policies already proven successful.

one_from results real the is overcome crisis economy in period 2005-2006 time. Russia Negara succeed pay off the maximum amount owed to the Paris Club. Even though the country is known for its biggest debt. _

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Becomes The Most Influential Person

Already Did you know that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is one of the most influential people in the world? Yes, no amazed that all struggle hard that he do it for the life of the country can afford to produce results best.

Other evidence is also proven moment he condition and able strengthen economy current Russia _that own many debts. That’s why Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is known as the most influential person, even the ex-Soviet president admits being proud of him.

That’s an explanation deep about the Biography of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin as well as the deed good that deserves imitated. Indeed, to be a leader loved by the people is no easy reverse palm hand. Because all that need works hard from each personal.

hope you are one too of the people who feel motivated by nature’s brave and full struggle eyes.