Biography of Rachel Vennya, the Famous Indonesian Celebrity

Do you know who is the female celebgram figure that is currently popular? If you don’t know, this time we will discuss Rachel Vennya’s biography.

 He is a public figure and recently began to be known internationally thanks to his active use of social media Instagram.

Rachel Vennya’s Personal Profile

Rachel Vennya is a woman born in Jakarta, on September 25, 1995. She is the daughter of Andrea Roland and Vien Tasman.

Currently, he has reached the age of 25 years and he already holds the status as a wife and mother of 2 children.

In 2017, Rachel Married Niko Al-Hakim. From this marriage, he was blessed with two cute loves named Xabiru Oshe Al-Hakim and Aurorae Chava Al-Hakim.

Now, apart from being active on social media, this beautiful woman is also busy taking care of her family.

Because of the balance of his career and his great concern for his family, it is no wonder that the family relationship between Rachel and her husband has never been hit by slanted gossip. Their lives are always safe and peaceful and they are involved with material things.

Rachel Vennya’s Educational Background

Even though she is already very famous and has abundant wealth, the beautiful celebgram Rachel Vennya has not forgotten her education.

This is evidenced when he successfully graduated from the S1 level from the London School of Public Relations. When it comes to her achievements in college, the public cannot look at Rachel with one eye.

 He managed to become the best graduate and in the end got a full scholarship for his master’s program at the same campus where he studied for his bachelor’s degree, namely the London School of Public Relations.

Rachel is a smart and accomplished student. Even though he was studying at a well-known campus in the City of London, at that time he was also working hard to support his broken home family. However, his enthusiasm for studying did not diminish in the slightest.

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Rachel Vennya’s Artist Activities

The next review of Rachel Vennya’s biography will discuss the world of her current artistry as a celebrity.

This is certainly interesting to look at more deeply because the mother of two children can really inspire women to look beautiful, have a brilliant career, and continue to play their nature.


As a celebgram idol of today’s youth, Rachel Vennya has a high influence on them in various aspects of life. This includes taste in clothing, food, lifestyle, daily activities, hobbies, and so on.

Regarding his popularity, he is also used as an influencer who must be able to give a positive influence on the behavior of people, especially young people. Here the activities carried out include the following:

  • Filling various seminars on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, youth, beauty, and so on
  • Holding positive competitions that target young people


In order to help those of you who have a business or business, Rachel Vennya also opens endorsements or promotions on Instagram. This is of course paid because later the benefits to customers will be very large so that their products can sell well.

However, Rachel’s endorsement fee is not too expensive so everyone can use her services. You only need to prepare the product to be endorsed, registered, and send it.

Photo model

Now, Rachel is busy other than as an entrepreneur, influencer, and making advertisements on Instagram as well as a photo model.

 Most of the time he will do photo shoots on his own business products such as clothing and various kinds of jewelry.

From the model photos taken by Rachel, she will get a lot of benefits because usually the photoshoot products sell well in the community. In addition to bringing benefits to yourself, this also provides benefits to others around you.

Biography of Rachel Vennya, the Famous Indonesian Celebrity

Rachel Vennya’s Brilliant Achievements in the Business Empire

What’s less than a Rachel Vennya. He is rich in wealth, smart in education, has many businesses throughout Indonesia, is well-known, and has now also made various kinds of brilliant achievements in the business world.

This is truly a matter of pride for him and his family and the following is his review:

Has Many Branches of Contemporary Food Business

Just like the capital’s artists who have contemporary food or cake businesses, Rachel Vennya doesn’t want to be left behind with them either.

He tried new luck by opening many branches of business with the theme of traditional Indonesian food, namely satay.

The satay restaurant pioneered by Rachel is not just random. However, he made a new innovation by using delicious and contemporary spices to be loved by young people. Evidently, this business is growing rapidly to have dozens of branches in various big cities.

Having a Clothing Line for Millennial Youths

Because Rachel is always up to date on fashion developments, she also thought about establishing a clothing line specifically for young people.

 All the designs of the clothes are contemporary and they are designed by themselves so that they are not marketed and seem luxurious.

The clothing line he created was branded Raven is Odd. Through this effort, Rachel managed to hold various exhibitions in various cities and was named the best young entrepreneur in the fashion sector. This was really exciting for him.

Slimming Herbal Business

Rachel always pays attention to her appearance and she thinks that a woman’s beauty will shine more if she has a slim body. It was from this background that the premium slimming herbal products emerged.

Meanwhile, the slimming herbs that are sold are recipes passed down from generation to generation, the mainstay of his family since the first.

It can be consumed in the form of steeping powder or pills. The content of the ingredients is definitely safe and will not cause side effects.

Become a make-up artist

Rachel’s skill in painting her face and making her look more beautiful and charming is unquestionable.

In fact, she once pursued a profession as a make-up artist who made up many famous people, including artists and singers from the capital city.

make-up profession As an artist, he won many awards and won various contests up to the national level.

Now, the profession that has brought him many awards and achievements is no longer involved due to time constraints.

Indonesian Restaurant Business

In addition to having a contemporary culinary business, namely millennial satay, Rachel and her husband also established a traditional Indonesian food restaurant. It has a taste of the archipelago and the price is right in the pockets of all people.

This business is quite profitable for him. Now the restaurant already has hundreds of branches both in the capital city and all small areas in Indonesia. More and more, the food menu in it is getting more complete and varied.

That is a clear discussion of the biography of Rachel Vennya, the young global celebrity. Hopefully, this can provide information for all readers to always excel in various places and circumstances.