Biography of Nadiem Makarim: From Gojek to Indonesian Minister of Education

Gojek is a startup company in the transportation sector that utilizes the convenience of technology on Android.

 Thanks to his success, its founder was appointed Minister of Education of Indonesia. Let’s look at the career or biography of Nadiem Makarim to success.

Family Background and Education

The founder of Gojek was born to the couple Nono Anwar Makarim and Atika Algadri on July 4, 1984 in Singapore.

He has a sister and wife named Franka Franklin. From this marriage, they have a beautiful child, Solara Franklin Makarim.


Nadiem from elementary – to junior high school in Jakarta. Then continued high school in Singapore.

He chose to continue his studies at Brown University majoring in International Relations. Then took a master’s in business administration at Harvard.

Career After Graduating College

After graduating from Brown University, Nadiem worked as a management consultant at Mckinsey & Company in 2006.

He stopped working to continue his master’s studies at Harvard University, then returned to his homeland after graduation.

Career After Returning to the Homeland

After officially receiving a master’s degree from Harvard University, Nadiem returned to his homeland and worked as editor manager, and Co-Founder of Zalora Indonesia.

Then he joined a startup company providing cashless payment services, Kartuku as CIO.

Gojek Establishment Business Idea

Tired of working in other people’s companies, Nadiem tried his luck by establishing his own business entity.

 He finally founded a startup-based transportation service provider in 2010 called Gojek.

The beginning

The business idea emerged from personal experience when he worked at Mckinsey & Company and preferred to use motorcycle taxi services as mobility.

This is quite effective so as not to get stuck in traffic jams in the capital. Unfortunately, finding a Gojek driver is very difficult or you have to go to the base. So it is not always available when needed.

In addition, their side also had difficulty finding passengers and wasted time at the base just waiting.

Founding Gojek

From the results of observations and conversations with regular motorcycle taxis, Nadiem realized that there was an inappropriate supply and demand problem. So problem-solving emerged by establishing Gojek.

The existence of Gojek is expected to be a fast transportation and delivery service. Nadiem opened his office in his garage. Even the marketing system uses a call center as an intermediary for drivers and passengers.

Investors for Gojek

For three years running Gojek, Nadiem used his money as capital. Because it is growing, in 2014, Northstar Group from Singapore, provided an injection of funds for development. Followed by Redmart Limited and Zimplistic Pte Ltd.

2015 – Gojek Is Getting More Popular

This year, Gojek launched a mobile phone-based application to introduce its business model and attract customers.

Then people flocked to use the application. It is at the same time a revolution in the lifestyle of many people. In addition, investors are also increasingly emerging, such as Softbank to Google.

 Gojek then broadened its goals by providing Go-food ordering features, Go-send package delivery, Go-clean house cleaning, and the Go-pay digital payment system.

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Successful Gojek Founder

The innovative service features of the Gojek application have made it grow rapidly and become a unicorn startup in Indonesia for the transportation sector.

When it was first established it only had 20 drivers, now there are more than 2 million, and spread to all corners of Indonesia.

Gojek users are also increasing, even every day it can serve more than 3 million orders. So that the business expansion was carried out to spread to 207 cities in Indonesia and 5 ASEAN countries. This makes it a startup Decacorn Indonesia.

The rapid development of Gojek brings many benefits to its shareholders. Nadiem Makarim himself owns a 5 percent stake in the company he founded.

From there, he could have a fortune of US$ 100 million or equivalent to Rp. 1.4 trillion (Globe Asia Magazine, 2018).

Biography of Nadiem Makarim: From Gojek to Indonesian Minister of Education

From CEO of Gojek to Minister of Education and Culture

In 2019, Nadiem was appointed by President Joko Widodo to complete the Indonesia Maju cabinet by occupying the position of Minister of Education and Culture.

 This then forced him to resign from the CEO of Gojek. So what makes his name famous?

The Straits Times Asian of the Year Award

Thanks to his innovation in establishing Gojek, in 2016, Nadiem won the Straits Times Asian of the Year award.

As an appreciation for his contribution to improving the welfare of the people in Indonesia and Asia in general.

Nadiem became the first Indonesian to receive the award. Through Gojek, he is considered to have helped improve welfare in the informal sector.

At the same time helping to provide employment for the community by changing business trends to become more modern.

Sign in to the Bloomberg 50 List 2018 Version

Thanks to Gojek, Nadiem was included in the Bloomberg 50 list in 2018. The reason is that the application is able to change the lives of Indonesian people very quickly. At the beginning of its development, which only focused on ordering motorcycle taxis, it is now more varied.

Gojek is now transforming into an application that provides additional features besides motorcycle taxis, such as ordering food, paying bills, delivering goods, to cleaning services. Bloomberg 50 presents innovative figures in various fields, such as Nadiem.

The Youngest Person to Win the 24th Nikkei Asia Prize

Thanks to Gojek, Nadiem was again awarded as the youngest person to receive the 24th Nikkei Asia Prize for the category of Economic and Business Innovation.

The company he founded is considered to have contributed to the development of the Asian region.

Gojek is also considered to have created a better future for Asian people. The company has contributed to driving economic growth, bringing convenience to users’ daily lives, and increasing partner income.

The funds obtained from the award were doubled by Nadiem to Rp. 860 million to be used as an education donation for the children of Gojek driver-partners. Thanks to this application, the Indonesian economic sector has increased, including culinary SMEs.

Gojek Enters Fortune’s Top 50 Companies That Changed The World

As with its initial goal to change the situation and improve the welfare of society from the transportation service sector, Gojek was included in Fortune’s Top 50 Companies That Changed The World in 2017 and is ranked 17th.

Then, in 2019, Gojek was again included in Fortune’s Top 50 Companies That Changed The World with a ranking that rose to 11th out of 52 world-class companies. The company is still the only one in Southeast Asia.

Nadiem Makarim’s Social Activities

Nadiem is one of the commissioners for a charity called Pathways for Prosperity for Technology and Inclusive Development, along with Melinda Gates and the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Sri Mulyani.

The charity works in the social field and focuses on helping developing countries. The finance and assist the adaptation process with various new innovations in the digital world that are able to change the work culture.

Such is the career and biography of Nadiem Makarim, the founder of Gojek who entered the government ranks as Minister of Education and Culture. Although often criticized, he is still able to succeed on his own feet. May be useful.