Biography of Joko Widodo: The 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia

The name Joko Widodo is not only known by all Indonesian people but also by the world.

The 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia has become popular since he was involved in politics as the Mayor of Solo.

 When viewed from his biography, Jokowi has gone through a long journey to this day succeeding in occupying the position of president for the second time.

Birth, Childhood, and Family Background

Ir. H Joko Widodo was born in Surakarta on June 21, 1961. The figure who is familiarly called Jokowi is the 7th president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Actually, this one figure has the nickname Mulyono. He was born to Notomihardjo and Sujiatmi Notomihardjo. As the eldest of four children, Jokowi was raised in a simple family.

Jokowi has three younger sisters, each named Iit Sriyantini, Ida Yati and Titik Relawati. Actually, Jokowi has a younger brother, but he died after being born.

As a child, Jokowi’s family had moved houses several times due to being evicted. As a child, his life was quite difficult and hard.

He took his basic education at SDN 03 Tirtoyoso, Surakarta. This school is known as an educational institution for the lower middle class.

Since receiving a basic education, Jokowi has worked to help the family’s economy by selling, being a porter, and an umbrella motorcycle taxi.

After graduating from basic education, Jokowi continued to Junior High School 1 Surakarta. Then continued with the high school level at SMAN 06 Surakarta.

After graduating from high school, Jokowi then continued his higher education in the Department of Forestry, UGM Yogyakarta.

On-campus he learned about wood, technology, and how to use it. Incidentally, since the age of 12, Jokowi has worked in a timber company as a chainsaw.

In 1985, Jokowi successfully won a bachelor’s degree. Then, he decided to marry Iriana in December 1986 in Solo. From this marriage, they have three children.

The first child is named Gibran Rakabumin, the second child is named Kaesong Pangarep and the third child is a girl named Kahiyang Ayu.

Been in the Furniture Business Solo

After marriage, Jokowi once migrated to Aceh and worked at a state-owned company called PT Kertas Kraft Aceh.

After a while, he felt uncomfortable with the job and decided to start a furniture business in Solo. Initially, he still joined his uncle’s furniture company, which was named CV Roda Jati Solo.

After joining his uncle for a long time, Jokowi also ventured to open his own furniture business. Finally, in 1988 he founded a furniture business called CV Rakabu.

The furniture business pioneered by Jokowi has had its ups and downs. He was even on the verge of bankruptcy in 1990.

He also borrowed Rp. 30 million rupiahs from the mother to be able to rise again. This business has brought Jokowi a successful figure in the business of exporting furniture abroad.

The Beginning of Jokowi’s Political Career

In 2005, Jokowi started his political career. Beginning with running for mayor of Solo. In this contestation, Jokowi, who was promoted by PKB and PDI-P, managed to win even though he did not have sufficient political experience.

Under his leadership, he changed the face of the city of Solo to be more beautiful and comfortable. He also relocated the traders without causing crowds.

Since becoming the mayor of Solo he became famous. Especially because of his habit of blusukan in the midst of residents.

Many residents, even outside Solo, are amazed by Jokowi’s figure. He proved to change many things in Surakarta for the better.

The face of Surakarta under his leadership became a city of culture, a city of batik, and a city of tourism.

Jokowi’s performance for five years has succeeded in satisfying the people’s day. That’s why he then ran for mayor for the second time and again won the 2010 election.

 His experience and political achievements in Solo for 10 years are what made Jokowi known to the Indonesian people.

Biography of Joko Widodo: The 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia

Become the Governor of DKI Jakarta

Jokowi’s political career became even more brilliant when he served as governor of DKI Jakarta.

Initially, Jokowi was reluctant and refused when former vice president Jusuf Kalla asked him to run for governor of DKI.

However, in the end, he accepted and was promoted by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI) and Gerindra.

In this nomination, he was paired with Basuki Tjahaya Purnama or Ahok. Both of them also managed to occupy positions as governor and deputy governor of DKI Jakarta in 2012.

Became the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia

In 2014 together with Jusuf Kalla, Jokowi ran for president of the Republic of Indonesia. As a result, he also managed to win the contest with a total vote of 53.15%.

After serving as president, Jokowi made various policies, although some of them reaped the pros and cons.

Then, in 2019 Jokowi again ran for the position of the first person of the Republic of Indonesia with KH Ma’ruf Amin as a representative. Again he managed to win and served again as president.

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A series of achievements of Joko Widodo

President Jokowi has won various awards. Some of these are types of prestigious awards. One of them was the award as the Preferred Public Figure which was won in 2012.

Along with him who also received the award were Mahfud MD, Jusuf Kalla, Agus DW Martowardojo, and Anies Baswedan.

In the same year, he also received the Special Award for Marketer. The giver of the award is the Kertajaya Award by Hermawan Kertajaya.

 Apart from that, Jokowi also received other awards, such as Trophy G which was obtained from the Girl Magazine.

Not only that, from Bank Indonesia he received an award as an Inflation Controller.

Then the Ministry of Public Works received an award as the Second Best Spatial Planning in Indonesia. He also obtained the Top 50 Leaders of Fortune.

Next, he was nominated for a World Major in 2012 and he has won many more prestigious awards. Including awards from other countries.

Jokowi has achieved a number of achievements during his tenure as president. One of them is equitable development.

 Especially development in the infrastructure sector. Jokowi is also committed to accelerating poverty reduction.

Improvements in the education sector are also another achievement that is the focus of Jokowi’s program.

 However, of the various achievements that have been made, infrastructure development in various regions is the most visible.

This can be proven by the construction of toll roads and roads, including in remote areas.

┬áIn addition, also the construction of airports and other public facilities. For a Jokowi, infrastructure is the main key to human development, economy, and others. Jokowi’s biography and life journey teach us that only God knows one’s fate.

 The task of human beings is only to do as well as possible the mandate that is currently carried out. As long as it is done sincerely and earnestly, success will come in time.


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