Biography of Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon World’s Richest Man

You must be familiar with online buying and selling sites that are famous in America and the world. Even now a cashier-less retail initiator. That’s Amazon e-commerce. Let’s find out the story of the founder’s success by diving into Jeff Bezos’ biography!

Jeff Bezos Family Background

Amazon founder has the full name Jeffrey “Jeff” Preston Bezos who was born to the couple Jacklyn and Ted Jorgensen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, on January 12, 1964. Unfortunately, his parents divorced a year later.

Then his mother remarried Miguel Bezos, then invited them to move to Houston, Texas, because his stepfather was appointed engineer for Exxon. His parents’ work slightly influenced his interest in technology, especially mechanics, from an early age.

Since he was a toddler he was able to have the initiative to use a screwdriver to dismantle his bed. This continues in scientific matters, such as installing electric alarms to keep his sister out of the room and maintain her privacy.

His interest was further enhanced by his habit of spending vacation time on his grandfather’s farm. There he was able to develop talent by always repairing damage to windmills and tractors used for livestock.

How was Jeff Bezos’ Education?

From elementary to high school he spent in Houston. While in high school, Jeff Bezos had the opportunity to take part in a science training program organized by the University of Florida. This activity then led him to get the Silver Knight Award in 1982.

Then, after graduating from high school, Jeff Bezos plans to enroll at Princeton University by majoring in physics.

But in the end, he was more interested in computers and electrical engineering so he graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Jeff Bezos Career After Graduating College

After graduating from Princeton, Jeff Bezos is said to have been accepted to work on Wall Street in computer science while pursuing graduate studies. After getting a new education degree, he moved to work at Fitel.

The experience of working for an international trading network company made Jeff Bezos excited to build his entrepreneurship. While raising capital, two years later he moved to a Banker Trust to create pension fund management software.

His desire to build self-employment was even greater when he worked as Senior Vice President at the financial company DE Shaw Company. Even his boss described Jeff Bezos as a strange businessman.

When Did Jeff Bezos Build Amazon?

His dream to establish an independent entrepreneur finally came true in 1994 by opening a bookstore in his garage. The following year he began building into an online bookstore run in Seattle, Washington.

The decision to build an online bookstore started from research he did that none of the book publishers had mail-orders. This is because cataloging requires thousands of pages and e-mail offers are expensive.

Even Jeff Bezos can read the situation and predict the future that internet-based companies will increasingly exist in the future. To grow the company, he always attended the annual convention of the American Booksellers Association to lobby booksellers.

Biography of Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon World's Richest Man

Amazon Development by Jeff Bezos

This desire is of course fully supported by his parents by investing in his pension fund of US$330 thousand. The Amazon was originally named Abracadabra which was later changed to the name of the river in Brazil.

Business Beginning

Jeff Bezos’s next biography is about his achievements in growing Amazon from what was originally just a small online bookstore run from a home garage into a big one. It can even build operational offices and 6 warehouses for book inventory.

As time goes on, Amazon is getting more and more famous and has penetrated the retail of other products besides books. Until now, it has become the largest e-commerce in the world. This then made Bezos even richer.

Become the World’s Richest Person

In 2020, Jeff Bezos was asked to be the richest person in the world even though his stake in Amazon is only about 25 percent. The amount of wealth recorded in Forbes reached the US $ 188.3 billion or equivalent to Rp. 2.76 trillion.

Jeff Bezos is a person who never gives up and is a visionary. He always imagines that if Amazon’s business is not run, then the 6-digit Christmas bonus will never be obtained, and regrets it in old age later.

Amazon Business Expansion

Amazon then spread its wings by venturing into other sectors. As a first step, he formed a partnership with Blue Origin. Also expanding by acquiring the Washington Post media, owning Bezos Expeditions, and investing in the health sector.

Amazon is now also developing retail that is connected to an application where visitors can shop independently without anyone serving and no cashier. The shop is fitted with CCTV.

The system uses payments linked to the Amazon app. So, if the buyer has finished shopping, the selected items must be scanned then the total to be paid will automatically deduct the digital money balance.

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Jeff Bezos’ Key to Success

Jeff Bezos shares the keys to his success in building and developing Amazon in 8 categories. First, dare to act and take risks, leave all doubts to use the best opportunities possible.

Next, to be successful, you must have careful planning regarding the actions that must be taken to minimize regrets. Then, an entrepreneur must show up by doing the best possible promotion and service.

Fourth, always remember the principle that the buyer is king in entrepreneurship so that consumers of the products you offer feel comfortable and can become customers, even recommending them to other friends.

Jeff Bezos’ Success Tips

So that businesses are always ogled and do not lose customers, they should always make innovations. You can spread your wings even more if the results obtained get consumer enthusiasm.

Next up is stubbornness. This should be owned by entrepreneurs in managing the business they run. But you also need to have the flexibility to deal with certain problems.

The next point is imitation. This means that you can be inspired by products from other companies, both from friends and competitors. Then, hone creativity to modify and give a distinctive touch like a business icon.

The Key Points of a Jeff Bezos’s Success

To be successful, of course, you have to work hard. Jeff Bezos has proved it himself thanks to that now Amazon is growing bigger and bigger. Make something spectacular so that it will always be remembered, instead of becoming a memory and history.

In realizing your dream, don’t forget to involve the people around you to provide support. Jeff Bezos’ story inspires that persistence and hard work are the keys to success.

What do you think? A very inspiring story isn’t it? Define your dream now, then make a scheme and plan to make it happen. Even better if a timeline is made so that it will be encouraged to make it happen immediately.

Such is the biography of Jeff Bezos, the rich founder of Amazon. Make sure that you don’t stop dreaming and work hard to achieve it and achieve success as your version.