Biography of Hotman Paris: The Most Famous Lawyer in Indonesia

One of the inspirational figures in the field of lawyers is Hotman Paris.

He managed to achieve success and even received an honorarium of up to 30 billion Rupiah. However, not everyone knows about Hotman Paris Biography.

About Hotman Paris

This famous lawyer has the full name Hotman Paris Hutapea. He was born in Tapanuli, North Sumatra on October 20, 2020. His father is Binahar Hutapea while his mother is Rusmini Tronilur.

Hotman is married to Agustianne Marbun. Their second marriage produced three children, namely Frank Alexander Hutapea, Fritz Hutapea, and Felicia Putri Parisienne. To support his family he works in international business law.

Family’s background

Hotman Paris comes from a wealthy family. His father is one of the rich businessmen in Medan.

 Success with the bus transportation business, the father was able to send all his 10 children to university.


Even though he comes from a wealthy family, Hotman Paris‘ parents educate their children to always be disciplined. So, since childhood he has been accustomed to cleaning the house, cooking to helping his parents work in the fields.

Since childhood, his father also instilled the principle in Hotman Paris and his brothers to always work hard and value money.

 Disciplined parenting patterns from parents make their children become strong individuals in the future.


After high school, this famous lawyer in Indonesia immediately continued his education to the next level.

Initially, he wanted to enter ITB Bandung, but because he did not pass the selection, Hotman Paris finally decided to study law at Parahyangan University.

Previously he had never thought of entering law school. Because, according to him, it is a discarded major because many graduates are unemployed. However, over time he enjoyed it and graduated on time.

Hotman Paris education in more detail is in the list below;

  • Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Law, Parahyangan Catholic University 1981
  • Masters’ Degree in Law from University Of Technology Sydney, Australia 1990
  • Master’s Degree in Law from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta
  • Doctoral Degree, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia Padjadjaran 2011

Hotman Paris Career Path

The career path that Hotman Paris has gone through is also quite long, here are some of them:

OC Kaligis And Associates Law Firm

In 1982, after graduating from college, Hotman Paris was immediately accepted to work at the attorney office of OC Kaligis and the Associate’s Law Firm.

Of course, his career did not immediately skyrocket as it is now. At that time he received a monthly salary of around Rp. 182 thousand.

His career as a lawyer at OC Kaligis Dan Associates Law Firm Hotman Paris did not last long.

 Only a few months, in the same year he moved to the office of Adnan Buyung Nasution.

Nasution Lubis Hadiputranto Law Firm

To enter this office, Hotman Paris needs to undergo several series of tests before successfully defeating many competitors.

 However, only three months later, Prof. Subekti gave him an offer to work at Bank Indonesia without a test. He accepted it and left Nasution Lubis Hadiputranto Law Firm.

It turned out that Hotman Paris was burdened by his work at Bank Indonesia. In fact, he was so frustrated that he almost killed himself by drinking poison.

 After that, this popular lawyer finally decided to resign from BI and look for another office.

Freehill Hollingdale And Page, Sydney

Prior to joining this company, Hotman Paris worked at one of Jakarta’s leading lawyers, Makarim & Taira.

The manager is Nono Anwar Makarim, the father of the founder of the Gojek application and the minister of education, Nadiem Makarim.

After that, Hotman Paris the fairy went to Australia. In 1990, the man born in Jakarta did an internship at the Free Hill Hollingdale And Page attorney’s office as well as a student at the University of Technology Sydney to complete his master’s degree in law.

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Founder Hotman Paris Hutapea And Partners

Successfully pursuing a career in Sydney Australia, Hotman Paris decided to return to Indonesia.

 in 1999 he also established his own law office called Hotman Paris Hutapea And Partners. The location of the company is in the Kelapa Gading area, Jakarta.

Hotman Paris handles hundreds of legal cases ranging from minor ones such as divorce to large-scale ones belonging to well-known companies.

In addition, he also added to his career list by becoming part of the Association of Capital Market Legal Consultants.

Biography of Hotman Paris: The Most Famous Lawyer in Indonesia

Has the nickname of the “Bankrupt” King and Indonesian Celebrity Lawyer

After establishing his own law office, Hotman Paris got clients from various circles of businessmen, officials to artists.

 He always managed to solve problems in a clear way so that he was nicknamed the king of “Bankruptcy”.

Many artists from the capital city have hired his services, so Hotman Paris has also earned the nickname “celebrity lawyer”.

 Not only exists in the country, but the office also accepts foreign clients and successfully resolves international cases. No wonder he is called the highest-paid lawyer.

Luxury Hotman Paris

Hotman Paris is synonymous with luxurious style and appearance.

 This is a natural thing as a result of his discipline and hard work in carrying out his profession as a lawyer. Every day he even got used to getting up at dawn and then started doing his work.

Attached to luxury, Hotman Paris earned a nickname from newspapers in Australia, as the “Blink Blink Lawyer”.

In addition, SWA magazine also called him “The Most Dangerous Lawyer” and “Celebrity Lawyer”.

Hotman Paris property business

Hotman Paris does not only depend on the profession of a lawyer. It turns out that he also founded several property businesses including:


Not only successful as a lawyer, but Hotman Paris also managed to become an entrepreneur with 12 luxury villas spread across Bali.

 The average selling price is high, up to billions of rupiah, considering the rental price alone is tens of millions.

Some of the villas belonging to this famous lawyer are The Hotman Paris V Canggu Toya, The Cliff Hotman Paris VI Pandawa, and Vivo Uluwatu which are located in Bali.


The property business owned by Hotman Paris, apart from villas, is a hotel that is also spread across various areas.

One of the most popular is Sere Nauli in Laguboti, Toba Samosir, North Sumatra.

Shop Shop

The lawyer with the most expensive fees is also known as the shop owner.

Even in Jakarta, he owns more than 200 units, thus earning him the nickname of a big-time investor.

The Big Case Solved by Hotman Paris

Here are some cases that have involved Hotman Paris’s intervention in the settlement:

  • In 2006 he was part of the legal team of Schapelle Corby, an Australian citizen involved in drugs and the Supreme Court sentenced him to 20 years.
  • In 2009 he became the legal representative of Manohara Odelia Pinot regarding domestic violence shirts by the Prince of the Kelantan Sultanate, Malaysia Tengku M Fakhri.
  • In 2013 he became Jennifer Dunn’s attorney in the Tubagus Chaeri Wardana money laundering case.
  • In 2014 he was the attorney for the CEO of Lamborghini Indonesia, Johnson Yaptonaga, in the case of a feud with Dewi Persik.
  • And there are many other cases.

That’s a description of the biography of Hotman Paris. Based on the above review, it appears that even though he comes from an affluent family, it does not mean that this lawyer is complacent.

 He got success because he kept working hard and was always disciplined. May be useful.