Biography of Chairul Tanjung, Successful Entrepreneur Owner of CT Corp

Biography of Chairul Tanjung

Chairul Tanjungs name appears in the ranks of Indonesia’s richest conglomerate. This successful entrepreneur in 2018 has been named one of the ten richest people in the country. His name is certainly familiar because his life journey has inspired many people. Not a few people are curious about the biography of Chairul Tanjung.

Chairul Tanjung’s Family and Childhood Background

Chairul Tanjung has a very different family background than it appears today. The man who was born in Jakarta on June 16, 1962 is the son of Abdul Gafar Tanjung and Halimah. He was born with six siblings.

Then after growing up he married Anita Ratnasari Tanjung. Then they were blessed with two children named daughter Indahsari Tanjung and Rahmat Dwiputra Tanjung.

Chairul Tanjung’s childhood was far from being full of wealth. In the past, his father happened to work as a print media journalist during the Old Order era. The financial condition of Chairul Tanjung’s family got worse when the company where his father worked was closed by the government at that time.

The difficult economic situation made Chairul Tanjung’s family decide to sell the house to make ends meet. They also slept in a small and crowded inn. The pressure does not necessarily make his spirits down.

Chairul Tanjung . Education

Chairul Tanjung’s basic education was taken at the Van Lith Elementary School in Jakarta. Then, he continued his Junior High School level at Van Lith Junior High School as well. After graduating from junior high school, Chairul continued his education at SMAN 1 Jakarta.

In 1981, he graduated and continued his higher education at the UI Faculty of Dentistry. He earned his bachelor’s degree in 1987. He did not stop there, he continued his master’s degree at the Institute for Management Education and Development in 1993.

Chairul Tanjung is an accomplished young man. Because of his intelligence and example, he was successfully selected as a National Exemplary Student from 1984 to 1985.

Studying Business Since College

Chairul Tanjung has started a business since he was in college. Initially, he was selling to pay for his studies. Starting from selling college books to selling t-shirts and opening photocopying services.

In addition to selling books and t-shirts, Chairul Tanjung has also opened a shop that sells medical equipment and laboratory equipment. However, for some reason the business went bankrupt.

After completing his education at the University of Indonesia, Chairul Tanjung began to focus on starting a business. Initially, he opened a children’s shoe export business. He runs this business with three of his friends. The business, named PT Pariarti Shindutama, spent 150 million borrowed from the bank.

The PT, which was founded in 1987, is slowly starting to give satisfactory results. In fact, once received orders from Italy as many as 160 thousand pairs of shoes. However, in the end Chairul Tanjung decided to leave the company that had been built due to internal problems.

Building and Establishing CT Corp

In 1987, Chairul Tanjung established his own business called Para Group which has now changed its name to CT Corp. Because it already has a fairly extensive network, this business is able to grow very rapidly.

In fact, this company was able to buy Bank Karman, which in 1996 changed its name to Bank Mega. Not only that, Chairul Tanjung also managed to open a shop business in Bandung Supermall. Interestingly, Chairul Tanjung also managed to buy Bank Tugu which is now Bank Mega Syariah Indonesia. In his hands, Bank Mega is slowly starting to become profitable.

Finally, in 2001 the bank offered shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Next, Bank Mega became the backbone of Para Group.

Founder of Trans TV

Chairul Tanjung was not only successful in the financial sector, but also established a media business. He also founded Trans TV. In August 1998, one of the national private television stations received a broadcast permit. Then, in 2006 the company succeeded in acquiring TV7 belonging to Kompas Gramedia. Since then, the name Trans TV changed to Trans7.

Then, Chairul Tanjung then separated his company in the media sector in 2013 by establishing Trans Media. Then, in 2018 Trans Media through Trans7, Trans TV and Trans Vision got the rights to broadcast the World Cup in this country.

Chairul Tanjung continues to advance his business in the media, one of which is by collaborating with SM Entertainment which is one of the largest agencies for South Korean Kpop.

Commitment of a Chairul Tanjung

Chairul Tanjung has not only been successful in doing business in the banking and media sectors, but has also ventured into various other businesses such as insurance and financing. In addition, he also opened a business in the property sector. That’s what makes Chairul Tanjung’s Para Group a conglomerate in Indonesia.

He is a person who has high enthusiasm and commitment. According to him, business people must have class targets and never give up. This principle must remain a guide even in difficult circumstances.

Chairul Tanjung’s commitment can be seen from how he faced the 1998 crisis. At that time, the majority of entrepreneurs moved their investment to Singapore. However, he remained at Bank Mega.

However, it can even enable Bank Mega to lend money to other banks when Indonesia’s economy is unstable. One of them is Bank BCA owned by the Salim Group with total loans reaching 1.3 trillion rupiah.

As it turned out, the 1998 incident and his commitment to continue investing in Indonesia managed to give him a way to work with the Salim Group in managing the Batam and Singapore projects.

In addition, it also cooperates with the Sinar Mas Group. Not only that, Chairul Tanjung also managed to buy a majority stake in Astra and acquired a majority stake in Carefour Indonesia with a value of 40%.

Total Wealth of Chairul Tanjung

Chairul Tanjung is included in the category of the 10 richest people in Indonesia according to Forbes magazine. In 2017, he even occupied the sixth position of the 286 richest people in Indonesia. This is not surprising because the Para Groups he founded have been successful and successful in their respective branches.

Chairul Tanjung’s wealth is estimated at $4.9 billion dollars. If calculated in rupiah, the nominal is around Rp. 65.3 trillion rupiah.

Apart from being successful in the business world, Chairul Tanjung was also the Coordinating Minister for the Economy in 2014 during the leadership of President SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono). Not only that, he is also involved in the world of education. One of them is by becoming a professor at Airlangga University.

He also took part in social activities and sports by becoming the general chairman of PBSI. However, he spends the majority of his time managing the business at CT Corp.

From a piece of Chairul Tanjung’s biography and his life journey, we know that success cannot be obtained easily. There are many things that must be sacrificed and earnestly fought for.

Chairul Tanjung does not come from a prominent family. However, his persistence has changed fate and now he is the foremost person as the richest person in this country.

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