Biography of Bob Sadino: Indonesian Successful Entrepreneur

Indonesia is not only rich in natural products but also competent human resources. There are many famous figures with inspiring life journeys from various fields including business. The following is a biography of one of the successful food and livestock entrepreneurs, Bob Sadino.

Bob Sadino Background

This eccentric businessman with a distinctive style of safari shirt and shorts has the real name Bambang Mustari Sadino.

 He was born to a husband and wife Sadino and Itinah Soeraputra on March 9, 1933, in Tanjungkarang, Lampung then died in Jakarta on January 19, 2015.

Bob Sadino is the youngest of five siblings. He is married to Soelami Soejoed and has two daughters named Shanti Dwi Ratih and Mira Indiana.

He comes from a wealthy family. His father, Sadino was a teacher and became the principal of the school.

 His association was certainly better considering that his father was an antenna or a civil servant during the Dutch East Indies era. His own mother’s name is Itinah Soeraputra.

Bob Sadino’s Education

A qualified family background makes Bob Sadino not difficult to get proper education from elementary to high school. Therefore, it can be said that his life was quite adequate compared to his age at that time.

Bob Sadino’s education started at the SR or People’s School at the elementary level in Yogyakarta in 1947. After that, he continued his junior high school (1950) and high school (1953) in Jakarta.

After graduating from high school, Bob Sadino worked at PT. Unilever however only a few months. Then he followed his friend to enroll in the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia before finally deciding to leave his education and choose a job.

Bob Sadino’s Career Path

After leaving college before graduating, Bob Sadino returned to being an employee of Unilever for several years. After that, he worked for the shipping company Jakarta Lyod and traveled abroad. The following is a full review of his career journey before success:

Become a driver

While working on the cruise in Djakarta, Lloyd Bob Sadino often traveled abroad, especially in the Netherlands and Germany, thus increasing his foreign language skills. There, the relationship is getting wider but always feels pressured to be a boss.

Finally, in 1967 Bob Sadino and his family returned to Indonesia. He used his salary while working in Europe and his parents’ inheritance to buy 2 Mercedes and then opened a car rental business and doubled as his driver. Unfortunately, there was an accident so the luxury vehicle was damaged.

Become a Construction Worker

The accidental damage to his Mercedes was so severe that Bob Sadino did not have the funds to repair it. In order to sustain his family, he finally decided to become a construction worker.

At that time, Bob Sadino’s daily wage as a construction worker was only Rp. 100. The pressures of life that he experienced had made him depressed until one day his friend advised him to treat him by raising chickens and that’s where the inspiration for entrepreneurship came from.

Biography of Bob Sadino: Indonesian Successful Entrepreneur

Pioneering Chicken Egg Country

Bob Sadino was able to see business opportunities from the size of local chicken eggs being smaller than those abroad. The lack of capital made him contact his friend, Sri Mulyono Herlambang to send 50 broiler seeds directly from the Netherlands.

Given that he is not a graduate of animal husbandry, Bob Sadino learned how to breed broilers from a Dutch-language livestock magazine. Armed with this, this eccentric businessman was successful and sold his chicken eggs to his neighbors.

His experience of living in Europe and his fluency in English made it easy for Bob Sadino to market eggs to neighbors who were mostly expatriates or foreigners. Thanks to maintaining tenacity, sales increased from a few a day to tens of kilos.

Entering the Vegetable Business

After being quite successful in selling broiler eggs, Bob Sadino again realized that there was an opportunity in the abundance of foreign vegetables and fruits that did not yet exist in Indonesia. Finally, he introduced sweetcorn, broccoli, and melon.

Bob Sadino is also the person who introduced hydroponic gardening in Indonesia so that they can produce fresh vegetables.

 At that time, however, none of the farms had implemented this system. He also works with local farmers to develop the Kem Farm business.

Build a company

Finally, Bob Sadino founded his own company in 1970 called Kem Chicks. This is a supermarket that provides various imported food products for the people of Jakarta. The location is on Jalan Kemang Raya number 3-5 in the capital city.

Seeing the increasing demand for sausage meat, Bob Sadino took advantage of this opportunity to establish the Kemfood company in 1975.

This is a pioneer in the processed meat industry in Indonesia. Its flagship products are burgers, meatballs, and so on.

Bob Sadino’s company is fairly successful if you look at its early 1985 record which shows that its average sales have been consistently 40-50 tons of fresh meat, 60-70 tons of processed meat, and 100 tons of vegetables.

Expanding Business to Property

Bob Sadino did not stop growing his business. This time he entered the property sector by collaborating with the Agung Sedayu Group to establish The Mansion at Kemang, which is a combination of shopping centers, apartments, and offices.

Mansion at Kemang is still in the same location as Kem Chicks, which is on Jalan Kemang Raya number 3-5 Jakarta. Bob Sadino completed a 32-story building with 180 apartment spaces and 10 shops.

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Bob Sadino Becomes a Motivator for Entrepreneurs

Even though he has been successful and has become a conglomerate, Bob Sadino remains a friendly and unpretentious person. The man who likes to wear casual clothes, safari shirts, and shorts, is also known for his love of country music.

After his success, Bob Sadino also often appears on national television screens to provide motivation. He shared his ups and downs in running a business with the general public. Here are some quotes that have been issued from this quirky-looking entrepreneur.

  • “No matter how high your rank, you are still an employee, no matter how small your business is, you are the boss”
  • “I’m in the business of looking for a loss so I’m excited and if I make a profit, I’m grateful”
  • “Behind hope is always followed by disappointment so stop hoping”
  • In addition, there are still many quotes from Bob Sadino that are able to motivate prospective successful entrepreneurs so they don’t give up easily.

Death of Bob Sadino

Before he breathed his last, Bob Sadino had undergone treatment at Pondok Indah Hospital for two months.

Then on Monday 19 January 2015, he died after struggling with a chronic respiratory infection.

Bob Sadino himself had been unconscious in the previous 2-3 weeks. Apart from his advanced age, his condition has indeed declined since the death of his wife in July 2014.

This is a complete biography of one of Indonesia’s most successful businessmen, Bob Sadino. Hopefully, his journey in starting a business from scratch can inspire you.