Biography of BJ Habibie, Mr. Crack from Indonesia

As you know, the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia is a genius in the field of technology, especially in the development of airplanes. Let’s see the journey he smells good the name of Indonesia in the eyes of the world in BJ Habibie’s biography.

Background Behind Family

Mr. This crack from Indonesia was born in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, on June 25, 1936, and was given the name Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie. the fourth child of eight brothers this, born to partner Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie and RA. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo.

His childhood was spent in Pare-Pare until his father died. Then his mother, who is Javanese, brought a family for a move to Bandung. Little Habibie is already known for smart, hobby reading and riding horses, as well obsessed with planes.

Habibie married his high school friend, Hari Ainun Raised in 1962, and blessed two sons _namely Ilham Akbar and Thareq Kemal. After he married, partially big his life was spent in Germany drawing knowledge and do study for airplanes.

BJ Habibie’s Education

Habibie started formal education at Pare-Pare Elementary School, then continued at SMP 5 Bandung. Next up, his high school days were spent in Governments Middle bare School or Dago Christian High School. Here he starts high light on achievements, especially in the field of exact.

After high school, he continue studying at ITB (Institute Bandung Technology), then got a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Culture for continuing studying in Germany, to be precise at RWTH Aachen as part of the development program technology maritime and aerospace in Indonesia.

He chooses to major in Aviation Engineering with a specialization in construction airplanes. Habibie continued Masters and doctoral studies at the same place, namely Rhein Westfalen Aachen Technische Hochschule.

BJ Habibie’s current achievements Studying

Habibie no as well as immediately lazy and just _depend on learning class. He diligent study while work practice the knowledge he has acquired. She insists that success overseas _remembers working hard lousy his mother pays tuition and fees his life.

Habibie finished his education diploma with an Ing degree and got predicate Cum laude (Perfect) and get an average value of 9.5. The diploma the used for registering for work at Talbot Firm and earning Duty designing structure or skeleton train fire.

He still _continue studying until doctorate and graduated with degree Dr. Ingenieur summa cum laude (Very perfect) and get average score of 10 of Technische Hochschule Die Fakultät Für Maschinenwesen Aachen.

A number of Careers in Germany

How is BJ Habibie’s career there?

Become Designer

Habibie’s career begins when still in Germany with he Becomes an engineer as a designer designing train fire for Talbot company. The company need wagon volume big designated _transport object light.

Habibie also appeared as the designer with apply method construction make wing aircraft for applied to wagon construction. Then he works as an assistant research knowledge at RWTH, Aachen, West Germany.

Position Prestigious in Germany

Next, he lifted Becomes head Department of Research and Development Analysis Structures, Hamburg, West Germany.

After that Becomes Head of Methods and Technology Division Aircraft Commercial / Airplane Military Messerschmitt BoelkowBlohm (MBB) GmbH, Hamburg.

Even he until lifted become Vice President / Director Messerschmidt Bölkow. Technology Blohm (MBB), Hamburg, West Germany. However, position this should he leave for an objective glorious-develop technology in their own country.

Biography of BJ Habibie, Mr. Crack from Indonesia

When will BJ Habibie return to Indonesia?

After returning to Indonesia, Habibie was asked Becomes President Director of PT Perindustrian Dar at (Pin dad) focuses on developing aircraft creation country boy. Then he lifted as head of the Agency for the Assessment and Application Technology.

Not until there, Habibie has also trusted take office as Chairman of the Board of Trustees as well as the Management Board Industry Strategic (BPIS), Chairman of the National Research Council,

Chairman of Authority Industrial Area Development Island Batam, and the President Director of PT Pelayaran Fleet Laut (PAL) Surabaya.

Habibie is also trusted for becoming a board of commissioners and advisor to CEO Pertamina, President Director of PT Industri Nusantara Aircraft (IPTN) Bandung, as well as Professor Honor Professor in the field of Construction ITB Aircraft.

BJ Habibie’s Achievements / Awards

In the Biography of BJ Habibie, his high IQ has delivered got a variety of awards. He Becomes a member honor Unity Engineer Malaysia (IEM), the Japanese Academy of Engineering, and The Fellowship of Engineering of the United Kingdom.

A number of Awards Received _

He also became a member honor of The National Academy of Engineering USA, Académie Nationale de l ‘Air et de l’Espace France, The Royal Aeronautical Society of England, and The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science.

still a lot the award he earn, start from member Gesellschaft Für Luft und Raumfahrt. Honor Germany, awards the prestigious Edward Warner Award and the von Karman Award which is almost Nobel equivalent.

Crack Theory and the N250 Gatotkaca Aircraft

Habibie found a formula for constrictor crack propagation on random until to the atoms of an airplane called the “Habibie Factor “. The findings this still worn in construction airplanes now so he was nicknamed Mr.Cracks.

Besides that, Habibie was also appointed Becomes Professor honor (Professor) at the Institute of Technology Bandung in 1967.

He is also trusted to lead projects in big countries In making aircraft originally made in Indonesia, which was later named N250 Gatot Glass.

Aircraft that have flown without experience way and is the only turboprop in the world that uses ‘Fly by Wire’ technology. Unfortunately, the plane this finally no can be produced by mass, and some that exist are used for military needs.

Habibie’s Other Works

Creation Other products produced by BJ Habibie are VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing) aircraft transport DO-31, plane transport military TRANS ALL C-130, Hansa Jet 320 (Airplane Executive), Airbus A-300 ( for 300 passengers ), and CN-235.

He’s also coming to participate by no straight to manufacture support fleet design military. As involved in designing BO-105 helicopters, Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) aircraft, as well as a number of project missiles and satellites.

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Exemplary from BJ Habibie

many things can be studied from the story journey Long live BJ Habibie. one of them is determination strong for realizing his ideals. Besides that, he includes a love figure _homeland with _a willing leave career brilliant in Germany to build their own country.

He is also a visionary and goal-focused person. Habibie is able to prove to the world through success create N250 Gatot plane Glass originally made in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, my son’s best nation this has passed away on September 11, 2019, because of a problem with his heart at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital. the body was buried beside his wife at TMP Kalibata Jakarta.

From the biography of BJ Habibie, you can be taken the lesson that no something is not maybe in this world origin want to do it. Success needs to work hard and be tenacious. Hopefully, meet with your own success.