Biography of Bill Gates, Billionaire Microsoft Founder

You are sure already no foreign with Microsoft software. Yes, devices lots of software used by all people in the world, especially for support work office.

 It turns out the founder is one _trillionaire American origin named Bill Gates. A biography of Bill Gates is enough easy to find on the machine Google search.

Background Behind Bill Gates Family

Billionaire Microsoft’s founder was born to the spouse of William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

The full name is exactly like his father, just added number 3, shows generation third in the family.

William Henry Gates III was raised in a family that teaches so that grow to be a competitive person and brave fight for Becomes excel. He includes children middle from three brothers. her sister named Kristianne and her sister Libby, both female.

Bill Gates was married in 1994 to Melinda French, one of the managers of Microsoft products at the time. From the wedding, he blessed three children named Jennifer Katherine, Rory John, and Phoebe Adele Gates.

Bill Gates Education

Little Bill Gates is a bookworm. _ He can use up hours for _read books from classmate encyclopedias. That thing had time make both parents _worried with like behavior _lonely and easy bored. Then how was his career?

Beginnings _Interest in Programming Computer

At the age of 13 years, his parents put Bill Gates into Lakeside school. so smart he always excels, especially in infield knowledge math, and science. at school here, his interest in computers starts to appear.

Start from a company in Seattle that offers for providing a computer for students at Lakeside School. Bill Gates became fascinated, ” why? can there is advice as good as that and can To do many things “.

Start Program Writing

The amazement of Bill Gates so makes it use up part-time for learning in intricacies outs computers with the teletype terminal. So he writes a tic-tac-toe program – a game with an opponent computer, with language basic programming.

Besides that, at school, this is the first time Bill Gates met with Paul Allen. Link ages both the same to a computer that then makes them easy familiar. Even at 15 years old, both capable created the “ Traf -o-Data ” program to monitor them across Seattle.

Continue Studying at Harvard

From the program, both are capable generates US$ 20,000 which will be used to set up the company. However, thanks to parental encouragement, both _continue education by studying more first.

Bill Gates then continue studied at Harvard University with take the field of law. Unfortunately, he no continues college, because more interested in IT with _join and spend part big time at the club computer.

Early Career in the Field Programming

In Bill Gates’s biography, his career started when his friend Paul Allen, made a program for help and then traffic in the Seattle area, to get a profit big. Then continue when interested with Altair 8800 computer reviewed Popular Electronics magazine.

Both of them then contact maker computer which is located in Albuquerque, United States, named MITS that they currently create a basic application that can run on the Altair device.

Ed Roberts of MITS requested both of them for demonstration. However because don’t have Altair 8800, they borrow a laboratory Harvard computer for writing the basic program, until used up time for two months.

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Start Founding Microsoft

Device soft artificial both can _walk well, so Paul Allen was hired at MITS. Because feel more interested in the field of computers than law, Bill Gates out of Harvard and decided co-founded Microsoft in 1975her friend it.

Journey his career in building Microsoft no always seamless. After the device program the base software used on the Altair computer runs ok, they get a royalty from the user. Sadly only some pay, because many are hijacked.

Then Bill Gates wrote a letter open to the hijackers his work, however, no one responded. Not only that, the relationship with lack of MITS leadership good result in termination work same against Microsoft.

Biography of Bill Gates, Billionaire Microsoft Founder

Beginning of Awakening Microsoft Development

Microsoft has risen with create device program essential software in multiple formats so can be used by computer another. Point comeback this capable bring profit up to US$ 2.5 million until 1979 the company moved to Bellevue, east Seattle.

At that time, companies the computer started to grow with develop devices of hard and diverse component computers. This thing was used by Bill Gates for favor device soft made by Microsoft, so can catch work same.

IBM offers work the same as Microsoft for providing device-capable software _that operates on a personal computer (PC). Because not yet have it, Bill Gates also bought a license exclusive and was owner full from system possible operation _run on computer private.

Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Because feel harmed and not notified related to the deal with IBM, company the sued Microsoft. However his side no confess errors whatever. In the end system operation the permanent run as agreement beginning with cost the US $ 50 thousand.

IBM wants _to buy system source code operation that, however, Bill Gates turned down, and was offered so that they pay cost license course. That thing benefits Microsoft with a free sale license of the software called MS-DOS to other PC manufacturers.

Microsoft is even more skyrocketed. This company releasing software that can be used on an Apple machine named Soft card. So is the income soar from US$ 2.5 to US$ 16 million. Even can open other branches abroad.

Bill Gates’ Achievements With Microsoft

Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft with his friend, Paul Allen in 1975. Because of the more growth, he was appointed became CEO in 1979. Then in 1981, he lifted Becomes president and chairman of the board of the company he founded.

In 2000, Bill Gates chose back off from the Microsoft CEO position and voted to become the head architect of device soft. Then in 2006, he backed off from his position for the reason want to develop His foundation is called the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “.

Become the World’s Richest Person

Even So, Bill Gates still Becomes chairman of the Microsoft board of directors. However, he chooses back off from his position and chooses Become an advisor of technology.

Blessing the company, he lined up as the richest man in America for several years by Forbes magazine.

Bill Gates himself has 45 percent shares in Microsoft. This is what becomes coffers producer riches for him. Even according to Forbes, his fortune in 2020 reached US $ 115.9 billion, or equivalent to IDR 1.7 trillion.

Bill Gates’ example

Bill Gates is known as someone smart as well as dedicated in the field of technology, especially in the development of device soft. Proven with how Microsoft’s journey to as big as now and get known all over corners of the world.

Somebody hand cold like this Bill Gates no as well as immediately can direct get success. A lot of effort must be done.

Well, that’s how it is wish biography of Bill Gates in building Microsoft. Take an example spirit work tough and abstinent give it up in developing company. Hopefully can succeed with your own version.