Biography of Albert Einstein: The Legendary Scientist Genius

This modern world certainly does not just happen, many have contributed to the advancement of technological development, one of which is Albert Einstein, the physicist with the highest IQ in human history.

He succeeded in developing and bringing the laws of physics to help the life of the world community. So what about the story or biography of Albert Einstein?

A Brief Profile of an Albert Einstein

Born on March 14, 1879, little Albert Einstein lived in Germany at the time of the Wurttemberg kingdom. Like children his age, he plays and learns with pleasure. Many do not know that his life is also as interesting as his extraordinary discoveries.

Albert Einstein’s Education

Little Einstein had attended the Munich Catholic Elementary School for only three years, at the age of 8 he was transferred to the Luitpold Gymnasium. That’s where he continued his education until high school. When he was 15 years old his family moved to Pavia, but his father did not invite him to come along.

Einstein often clashed with teachers at his school, because they thought the method they taught with strict memorization actually made creative ideas and critical thinking disappear. Even though he often proves many theories at home.

Doing Experiments Often

Albert’s golden age was spent doing many experiments, because he excelled in mathematics, it was not difficult to make him quickly understand the lessons being taught. When he was 12 years old Einstein began to self-taught Euclid’s algebra and geometry.

Not only that, the Pythagorean formula also did not escape a series of experiments, in a short time at the age of 12 years. In fact, he had read various kinds of geometry textbooks and completed them until the age of 14, Einstein admitted that he was almost integral and even differential calculus.

Not Passing High School Entrance Exam

Despite having a brilliant brain, Einstein had failed the entrance exam to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic. His grades at that time did not meet the criteria for a general knowledge exam but got outstanding results in mathematics and physics, his favorite fields.

Finally, Albert Einstein chose to enter the Argovian canton school in Switzerland. He passed the learning process easier, right in September 1896 Einstein passed the final high school student exam (MATURA) at the age of 18 to 19 with satisfactory results in both general knowledge and physics and mathematics.

Not Joining the Military

At that time there was military service for German citizens, but Einstein chose his nationality to escape this obligation. the decision was also supported by the father. So what are its contributions to human life?

Albert Einstein’s Scientific Works

The impact of Einstein’s discoveries on mankind is undeniable, but did you know all of them? because many people only know the gravitational force of the earth from the many findings. The following is a presentation of some of the works of this world’s genius:

Gravity Wave

Biography of Albert Einstein

Because of this discovery, Einstein helped human life in the next era. Even today, its gravitational force is still used to create several breakthroughs in science and technology.

Recently, scientists have found proof of his theory of gravitational waves, his story about black holes, and the concept of space and time, all of which have something to do with gravitational waves. Thanks to his findings, the world of science greatly helped in the development of atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics.

General Relativity

His findings this time can be said to be the most recent work of combinations such as gravity and special relativity. For scientists and the medical world, the general theory of relativity can be very important even though many people don’t expect it.

When you look at a system at a body part like the radius, it is much smaller than the mass, or the mass is much greater than the radius itself. This theory becomes very complex because it is always related to space and time, the propagation of light, it can even explain how gravity is not just a force.

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Einstein’s Field Equation

This equation was first published in 1915 in the form of a tensor equation. That is an algebraic object that describes a relationship (multilinear) as well as local space-time with local energy and momentum in that space-time.

Many of Albert’s discoveries are very helpful for people’s daily lives, it will be endless if we discuss them one by one his discoveries which are often considered crazy. But in fact, it brings benefits to civilization today.

Albert Einstein’s Experiment

many do not know that this father of physics has made many great discoveries that started from crazy experiments. Here are some crazy thoughts of an Einstein that finally changed the mind and are useful for life today

  • Proving the difference between space and time
  • Time moves slower with people approaching the speed of light
  • Gravity can affect space and time
  • Time moves differently for people who are on the move compared to those who are still

Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

Not many know that Albert Einstein also experienced various failures in his life. Here are some interesting facts. The discoverer of the relativity of force and time is guaranteed to make you gawk at those who just found out about it

Having a Speech Delay

The owner of the highest IQ in the history of human life turned out to have had a speech delay as a child. Although good at academics, Albert is believed to have had problems with his motor skills.

This speech delay occurred even when Einstein was studying in elementary school. His friends were already fluent in reciting the conversation, but Albert had problems with it. Maybe because he’s so genius, it’s hard to follow his mindset.

Married Twice

Mileva was the first girl Einstein married, in 1903 Albert fell in love with a teacher from Titel, namely Mileva Maric. Finally, they got married and were happy. It is believed that Einstein’s works and discoveries were motivated by this woman.

Mileva Maric contributed significantly to the work and life of Albert Einstein, but unfortunately, they had to divorce in 1919. The relationship had to end because they had different visions and missions. Until finally Einstein found a replacement, namely his own cousin Elsa Lowenthal.

Nobel laureate

His genius brought him various prestigious awards. Finally, Albert received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect, these are some of the discoveries that have made several contributions to human life.

Unfortunately, Albert did not get the same appreciation for gravitational relativity, a discovery that has benefited many human beings even today. It is even believed that it was Albert who encouraged the United States to make atomic bombs to attack the Nazi soldiers.

Believe in Extraterrestrial Life

This one genius also believes in the existence of other life outside planet earth. Many of his theories corroborate the statement about the ‘ALIEN’ world. He had participated in responding to UFOs that were believed to have crossed and penetrated the earth’s satellites.

Because of his genius after he died Einstein donated his brain to be studied by world scientists before being cremated to find out his extraordinary intelligence. He died at Princeton at the age of 76 after refusing to be treated with a machine.

Thus a brief review of Albert Einstein’s biography may be useful and can inspire all readers.

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