Biography Ahok alias Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

Ahok’s real name is Basuki Tjahaja Purnama of course still own blood descendants people Chinese , born in Bangka Belitung, June 29, 1966. He is one _ a businessman success that founded a company PT Nurindra Ekapersada .

Furthermore, in the ’95s , Ahok also did development of one factory as means processor sand with the name Gravel Pack Sand (GPS). Objective from his business it is also as provider field job .

All results from the success he get no without effort , but with attempted as much as possible maybe . With thus when reach a success , then that’s fruit results from work hard .

Biography Family Ahok

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or more familiar with calling Ahok this born from harmonious family . _ His father’s name is Indra Tjahaja Purnama and his mother ‘s name named Buniarti Ningsing .

 Her parents of course originated from people Chinese .
Then Ahok also has a number of you biological named , Basu Five Fransetio , Harry Basuki and Fifi Lety Indra. In childhood She Live around village Hanging , Bangka Belitung . 

She use up time together his family with full happiness .
At one time when She got news that her father has died . After incident that , Ahok then follow together with family Misribu who on time that finance all necessity his life .


Background Behind Ahok’s Education

Moment Ahok in Jakarta, family Misribu who financed all his needs . He also continued education to level study with decide deepen knowledge in the Department of Geological Engineering . The campus named Trisakti University and graduated in 1989.

After go through education college , then Ahok intend for return to Bangka Belitung which is the place his birth . Next She To do changes in his life with open a business contractor mining tin . Company name is CV Panda.

The company the of course successful , will but success the lasts a long time two year course . After that , Ahok decide for continue the study to level more tall namely the master’s program with major management finance in 1992 .


Awards Received _ Ahok

Of course he is a figure who has succeed in undergo his life , so She got coronation from one _ Tempo magazine . That is because be one _ out of 10 capable characters give Indonesian change .

Then in _ next Exactly 2007, Ahok also got a great award _ normal that is as one _ Anti character against corruption . Coronation the She could from state officials .
After that Ahok return again got a great award _ ordinary . 

As the case in 2003 from Bung Hatta Anti Corruption Award and then Gus Dur Award 2016. Everyone Thing good the obtained because results work hard as well as consistently in work .
Ability In Shoot

No only smart in problem do business , will but Ahok also has skill in use weapon fire . She really good _ in shoot , cause once something when he show ability moment attended the 2015 Kopassus event .

During the Kopassus event , many once the media covered action shoot it it . Ahok use weapon fire the type of Elite G2 pistol that really is original artificial state subsidiary , namely PT Pindad .

Biography Ahok alias Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

Ahok time that have 3 chances in shoot . First he only capable hit the target with 3 bullets , second only 4 goals , then on session final purchase capable put 7 bullets to the steel plate . Really a extraordinary ability _ ordinary .

Business Success Ahok

There are many business owned by Ahok moment This is one of the moving Panda’s CV in field contractor in the sector tin . For develop business that , then he continue studying to master level S2 majors management finance .

After complete study and earn title as an MBA (Master in Management Finance ), he make financial staff project as well as analyze financing at PT. Simaxindo Prime power on the move in sector electricity .

Then , he decide back in 1995 to hometown _ _ for develop his company . After successful , then Ahok try build business new managing _ sand quartz in Bangka Belitung and still many again efforts big other .

Towards the World of Politics

Ahok plunge to in the world of politics since 2004. At that time he Becomes figure leader of the DPC PIB ( Partai Indonesian Association ). It ‘s at the time that objective join for can continue to DPRD level for the 2004-2009 term of office . As a result his wish the achieved .

But in 2005 he _ back off from the DPRD and elect for career Becomes a office Regent East Bangka Belitung Province for the 2005-2010 term . Then he return take part occupy chair of the DPR RI Commission II with a term of office 2009-2014.

Then he no stop until then, but continue again career politics with became deputy governor of DKI Jakarta for the period 2012 to 2017. However when Jokowi as governor Becomes President , he was promoted to office in 2014.

Story Ahok Almost Die while in prison

Of course Ahok enter prison because there is guess To do blasphemy . When he serving a prison term , he had time make a book about the story . Of course many very story behind _ bars iron . However more draw it when he almost die because of stress.

Moment serving a prison term , he had time experience stress tall so that make tension body Ahok by suddenly experienced a drop. At that time he almost lost life , however because doterlah and destiny lord his life quick can saved .

The doctor who treated him where is Dr. Nova, He succeed raise of course her body back to normal. on time that Ahok ordered to sit down, then give drinking water warm in the form of tea sweet . Then invite him chatting and as a result his health recovered .

How many Treasure Ahok ‘s Wealth ?

Become a businessman at a time figure political make he own a lot of wealth . According to the KPK, Ahok tell all total his treasure moment he want enter to election Governor , then report to LHKPN ( Report Treasure Riches State Administrators ).

Then LHKPN ( Report ) Treasure Riches State Administrator ) explains that a lot treasure riches owned by Ahok in 2016 _ _ estimate reached 26 billion which is results from company in field land and buildings . Property value alone -+ 16 billion .

Of course riches the he get from results work full loudness _ with consistent . Various company he have and have hope could open field work as much as possible . As a result after Becomes businessman he continue the intention for plunge to the world of politics .

Thus earlier a number of explanation short about biography Ahok . Hope you can imitate story success and work hard .

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